7 Best Sustainable Halloween Costume Ideas

October 22, 2019 – News

Want to be more sustainable with your Halloween costume this year? You are in the right place.

Halloween is H&G’s FAVOURITE time of year. We have put on such stunning Halloween festivals before, in abandonded schools, haunted mansions, you name it. We even recently did a blog on the best ways to have a spooky DIY banquet, v gas, v educational, v scary.

After all, tis the season to be spooky etc., and it’s just like, YAS QUEEN, be the witch you were born to be, you know?

With all the cute costumes being made means, mucho waste. Not so cute in 2019 my friend, we are educated, sustainable and taking a stand.

Are you ready to spark your imagination on how you can re-purpose old bits around the house to become the most eco-friendly Halloween fan there ever were?

Yas to recycling, yas to DIY, yas to being kind to our earth.


1) Brolly The Bat


A bat named brolly, have you heard of anything so clever?

Get that umbrella you bought that broke due to the wind and re-model it into gorge wings.

You will look utterly fly x



2) Eco-friendly ghost

You know them old sheets hanging about in your wardrobe?


Also, I love the addition of that underwear over the sheet – singe that waist gurl x


3) Scuba Diver

Treat yourself to 2L bottles of your favourite soft drink, add some paint, stick them on a bit of tape and BOOM;

You are an aqua dude/dudette picking up the plastic within the seas we have poisoned. I am so proud of you x




4) Sustainable Snail

“What even are you?”

“I’m a sustainable snail, duh”

* points to tentacles *

© Mean Girls (2014)


5) Cloud

Blend into our awful autumnal weather and become a v rainy cloud.

Cotton wool, few raindrops, uncanny comparison.



6) #Sponsored Coca-Cola Advert Influencer

Have you always wanted to be a top-grossing influencer that gets sponsored by big brands such as Coca-Cola?

Now is your chance.

This costume is not only innovative from a fizzy drinks perspective, but also by including “#AD” somewhere on the costume will me you are v important, v trendy and v honest & transparent to your fans – A.K.A Insta-worthy x


7) bag of groceries

Last but not least, be your bag of groceries – cause, why not?


Healthy & considerate abstract art.

Well, is your mind racing with ideas? On a serious note, making a sustainable Halloween costume from this year on is imperative so we change how future generations perceive waste. We need to wake up and realise we need change and need it now. We hope you have the most wonderful Halloween and remember to do your part in helping start this movement.