7 Decor Tips For Halloween DIY Banquet

October 15, 2019 – News

H&G’s top decor tips for a DIY Halloween Banquet


Halloween is our favourite time of year. Any excuse to dress up and have a party alike our previous Tall Tales Halloween Festivals. We are here to give you our top decor tips for a DIY Halloween Banquet.

Why would you wait for Christmas to invite your mates over and have a big outlandish spooky meal? PLUS, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of town and avoid getting hit by a firework. Like, v dreamy.

Here are H&G’s top tips for creating a spooky DIY Halloween banquet:

TIP #1: Dried Flowers

Moss and dried flowers on table as setting

Dried flowers are all the rage, v on-trend.

Put them in a lovely vase, use them as a table dressing, or for extra spooky times scatter dead leaves on the ground as we did at our goth themed wedding (yes, we did a goth themed wedding and it was a career highlight x).

Alongside the dead delicious flowers, moss can be the perfect solution to a table dressing, making the vibes v organic and autumnal. OR, a moss runway leading to your house.. are we going to far? Basically moss is really great.

You can get it in TickTock just off caple street to avoid bugs etc.


TIP #2: Fog Machines/Palo Santo

palo santo and sage

You can hire these bad boys anywhere. If you really want to show off to your artsy crew, it is a must. The ambience will be so divine.

If you are cute and arty and broke, do not fear. Burn some sage and palo santo for the same effect PLUS you will scare off the ghosts and have a lush scent for your Halloween Banquet.


TIP #3: Antique Books

Go to the charity shops and stock up on the vintage looking books. You can make them look lovely by folding the inside pages, using them as table numbers, and they can make a great addition to a table centrepiece.


TIP #4: Old Bed Sheets

bed sheet ghost

OKAY, I know what you are thinking, bedsheets, pardon?

YES BITCH, put them over you and be v sustainable and become a ghost.

OR, shred them and make them into a spooky beautiful backdrop.


TIP #5: Candleabra

candles on table

Get yourself as many of these bad boys as you can in your charity shop. You can never have too many.

You can also paint old wine bottles black. OH, and you need black candlesticks to create a v dark and spooky vibes.


TIP #6: Light

flower in cobweb

If you can’t afford big fancy neon lighting, try source some UV lighting.

They work amazingly for uplighting cobwebs to bring out the real Halloween spirit.


TIP #7: Guests MUST Dress Up!

guests at party

There is no excuses, get your mates to dress up.

Get them down to a charity shop and repurpose a few bits. Fake blood ripped up, and your good to go.


AND THERE YOU GO, you have H&G’s decor tips for a DIY Halloween Banquet.

If you like Halloween Banquets, you might want to check out our Christmas Banquet happening next month to kick off the festive season.

And remember: trick & treat yourself, hoe x