Zodiac: Virgo

July 26, 2015 – Art

Virgo’s star is on the rise. Virgo always buys premium gas in cash and dips the chips before dipping the ignition. Virgo can be insatiable though Virgo would argue that well anybody could be about anything at any time. Virgo likes good food, and Virgo will work for it. Virgo will also just take good food if it’s sitting there, though it’s not really a personal thing. Virgo is into weaving, though not really specifically any type of thing to weave like baskets or blankets or something. Virgo just likes the tedious busywork, except for Virgo it’s not tedious or busywork. Virgo clips and shreds coupons.

Virgo has left the building. Virgo does the paperwork methodically, double checking every single form field to fill in, but Virgo does not want to be here, emphatically so. Virgo can be found on the balconies of skyscrapers drawing Virgo’s hands across the air. Virgo finds boxes on the riverbank, Virgo sees some are opened and others are closed but none of them are labelled or really have anything inside of them. Virgo was there to fish, but the weather’s not really holding up well.

Virgo does that thing where Virgo holds Virgo’s hand up to Virgo’s face while squinting into the distance to keep the sun out of Virgo’s eyes. Virgo might not want to take calculated risks because Virgo won’t really get that risky feeling if calculation’s involved. Virgo dances between the planets in the light night hours, and Virgo’s feet stir the satellite in a manner similar to dust suspended in watery molasses.

Words: Phira Breslow

Image: Olga Anacka

Zodiac is a project with twelve different writers published over twelve weeks. 

Olga is embarking of a project to illustrate idioms or phrases.


She wants to hear idioms and phrases from native English speakers and then to respond with art.