Zodiac: Libra

August 9, 2015 – Culture

Without checking, can you tell me which pocket your phone is in? What about your wallet? Are you the kind of girl who works her ass off for half a year, and then suddenly can’t get out of bed for the rest? Or the kind of guy who is the life of the party one week, and then needs to completely isolate themselves the next? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably a Libra.

People say that the the Libra is the most balanced of all the signs in the Zodiac, but people who say that have probably never used a set of scales. Imagine this – imagine that you are sitting in front of that scale, imagine that you are taking all the things you love about someone and putting them on one side, then imagine that you are putting all the things you don’t like about someone on the other. It’s the nature of Libra to be able to see the good and the bad in everyone, and to be able to argue both for and against both the good and the bad. Now imagine taking all the things you are unsure of about a person and trying and decide if the quality is positive or negative. Now imagine doing that for everyone you have ever met, on the same scale, simultaneously. Now imagine adding how you feel about yourself into the mix – things aren’t balancing so well now are they?

Welcome to the Libra mind.

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image

It’s a confusing place to be. The scale is never still for long, so, when everything is placed on it all at once, sometimes you need to take that week away from everyone to recalibrate and work out exactly what you feel. In the meantime though, feel free to debate these questions out loud to anyone and everyone, and add their opinions into the milieu, but be careful not to give away what you feel – if someone points out a negative quality, counter it immediately with a positive, and vice versa. Not for nothing do they call Libra the ultimate Devil’s advocate – they don’t do it on purpose, trust me, things would be easier if they could make up their minds, but they know more than anyone, even when they aren’t willing to admit it, that there are two sides to every story, that there is only perspective and no ultimate truth. After weaving so many webs around themselves, sometimes the best thing Libra can do is step away, take everything off the scale, and see how it balances without all the external factors weighing on it, only then can you trust that your instrument is in tune.

Imagine you are walking down a pathway and come to a fork in the road. You know that one road will lead to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but the other could lead to somewhere you might love to be that you’ve never heard of before. Sit down and consider your options. The left path will make you happy. But the right path might make you happier. You will definitely see people you love at the left hand destination, but if you go there, then you might never meet the most important person you ever will, who could at the destination on the right. The left will take you somewhere safe, but what if it gets boring? The right could take you somewhere super exciting, but it could also be more dangerous. But what is life without taking a risk? But what if the risk isn’t worth it? And so it continues…

The truth is, Libra, that you have two options, but they are not the options you think; they are not left and right, but rather motion and inertia. Libra has a hard time making a decision because, like that LOLcat, THEY CAN SEE FOREVER!!1!11 in every direction. Being great at anticipation does not actually make for great decision making, but it’s important that you don’t let yourself get stuck. This is why Libra can really benefit from travel, especially for extended periods with little planning – not only is it the perfect opportunity to clear the scale and rebalance the months of slog you’ve probably been putting yourself through, but it puts you in constant situations where you have to not only listen to your gut instinct, but go with it. Travel requires that you base your decisions on what’s in the room, and that you don’t second guess yourself, because the nature of travel is movement, and this is not the time to get stuck sitting at the crossroads – the crossroads is never where the most fun is. You can only really deal with what is in the room with you, so bite the bullet and take a path. Trust, you’ll have a good time wherever you end up.

Libra, they say, was the inventor of romance, people sense that and they want to be around you. You have charm in spades and looks for days. You excel at creativity and communication. Your desire to be surrounded by beautiful things means you’re almost always well turned out and hanging with the coolest kids. Plus, as you already know, you are phenomenal in the sack (probably because you’re using your powers of deduction and applying them to seduction, in a situation with no option for delay) – so why are you worrying all the time? This is the Libran dichotomy – you pretty much have everything figured out, but you can’t stop thinking about what might happen if you did things differently. Your ability to judge, people and situations, is a blessing, all you need to do is speed up the decision that comes from it, and if it all gets too much, let it go, take it all off the scale, and just enjoy yourself – worry is exhausting, and it’s terrible for the skin. You already know your phone is in your left pocket and your wallet is in your right – you are already at the epicentre, dancing a delicate dance of perfect balance. Look around yourself, look at what you’ve created – I’m betting it’s pretty damn spectacular – and guess what – you did it all by your gregarious self, so stop fretting about what could be and start enjoying what already is!


Words: Andy Apples

Image: Olga Anacka

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