Zodiac: Capricorn

May 2, 2015 – Culture

Capricorn, The Sea Goat 22nd December – 20th January

Capricorns are ambitious. Capricorns want to achieve. Capricorns are active. You are materialistic and strive to make your practical dreams come true. 2015 is a year where you will succeed, but at the same time you need to relax and take it easy. Particularly in May, you should not leave the country, your town or city. You should not stress yourself out with planes and trains. You should not overstretch yourself with fun trips with your friends or partner. No picnics in the sun or hikes in the mountains. Stay still. Breathe. Due to the position of the Moon and Saturn, you are better off staying in with the blinds drawn in the dark. If you are working you should take a sabbatical. Do nothing. Do not bother trying to achieve anything. Just dream about things you cannot achieve. Imagine yourself getting that job you want to apply for, but do not actually apply for it. You are not going to get it anyway so why stress yourself out with CVs and cover letters. You will lose all your strength to do anything, which is highly unusual for you as you normally want to reach all your goals.

Oddly, whilst you are sitting in the dark, dreaming away, because Mars and Venus will collide there will be sexy sparks flying. This collision will briefly light up your dark cave of self-imposed loneliness. Jupiter will be crossing your house of unresourcefulness in early summer so your friends will want to support you (because they will be wondering why you have suddenly become a loner).  While all this is going on, the North Node of Fate at the top of your chart, will be pushing you to achieve those all ambitious goals of yours, like getting that perfect job. This will make you feel extremely confused. You will be compelled to achieve, but you should not, just in case you stress yourself out. Stress kills. However because you will have plenty of time to reflect and dream in May, by June you will be bursting with ideas and will want to test them out. Perhaps you will finally start writing that sci-fi novel you have been thinking about! On the whole 2015 is about balance so do not forget to chill…dream…and of course take action. The best advice is to become friends with a Libra and take up yoga…and write the sci-fi novel, do not forget that.

Words: Roisin Power Hackett

Image: Olga Anacka

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