Zodiac: Aquarius

May 11, 2015 – Culture

Horoscope,  Aquarius

20 January-19 February

With Saturn’s influence partially obscured by the presence of Neptune in the house of Creon, this week will be one of little victories and big surprises! Be on the lookout for any old flames hanging around town in the next few days, things may be about to get spicy! Should you two meet (and with Jupiter perpendicularly opposed to Mars in the crotch of Orion’s Belt, who’s to say you won’t?), remember to play it cool! Don’t be too hasty to bring up the past – youthful flings and decades-long guerrilla campaigns against an oppressive capitalist oligarchy are sometimes best forgotten! And don’t come on too strong in conversation either, not all of us are up on the levels of tomato production among the noble peasants of the interior the way we used to be! Take it easy, never blink, carry a knife. Three knives.

A crescent moon rising hazily over the Cassiopeia-tinged horizon makes me think there’s surprises in store at work as well! An early finish, an interesting conversation over coffee, a panicked phone-call from a fatally wounded comrade that the rebels have taken the coast and shall descend upon the Capital of the Glorious People’s Revolution within days, maybe even a new box of staplers! Be sure to greet it all with a spring in your step, Uranus eclipses Ganymede next week so things are bound to work out! There might even be some drama at weeks-end, a flesh-wound sustained in a bloody gun battle here, a narrow escape in a damaged old speedboat there – exciting times, am I right?

Never waver. Yours is the path of the truly mighty. You are the Great One. It is to you that the destiny of our people has fallen. The swine shall be slaughtered and the soil purged of their poisonous influence, and the Sun shall rise triumphant once more over the Crastobar Hills, her people beneath giving you all the praise and glory that is your due.

And remember to smile!

EPSON scanner image


EPSON scanner image

Words: Cathal Kavanagh

Image: Olga Anacka

Zodiac is a project with twelve different writers published over twelve weeks. 


Olga is embarking of a project to illustrate idioms or phrases.


She wants to hear idioms and phrases from native English speakers and then to respond with art.