Zaska in the Dome

January 1, 2016 – Sound

As part of our ongoing series of sessions in The Grow Dome out in Rialto, we invited Zaska along to play. This one was a long time in the works, filmed back in November during that cold snap. It got a bit cold, but it ended up being totally worth it. The whole six member crew of them are such fun, and make such beautiful music. The song they play here is called Close to You and it was very appropriate because while the dome is big, six Zaska, some video guys, some sound guys, and a H&G crew made for a cosy group huddled together.

For info on our Grow Dome sessions, you can email us at or tweet us @xhuntandgather. We are looking for a bunch more artists to get in to play with us.

Zaska are working super hard to get their debut album out this year.

If you want to find Zaska around the internet, you can find the man and the music on Facebook, Bandcamp, TwitterEnsemble, BreakingTunes, and a cute old website.