What’s on Friday/Saturday

January 30, 2015 – Culture

Friday 30th

Ostgut Ton Nacht: Function, Norman Nodge & Fiedel at District 8
District 8
If you haven’t checked out District 8 yet, it’s about time have !
Heres what to expect: quality sound system, unreal visuals, big dance floor, massive outdoor smoking area.
District have invited the finest techno Djs since they have opened within the last few months.
If you are looking for a big scene, and you are a techno fan, then don’t think twice and check it out !

Max Cooper at Opium Rooms
Max Cooper opium rooms
 Fantastic melodies, trippy visuals, and great atmosphere, its all TOP-notch ! I saw him last year and I can promise you an unreal electronic gig, His music is often referred to as musical poetry. If you are looking for something artistic and unique, well look no further! 🙂
Electronic music lovers, you will find the vibes!

Andrea Oliva at Button Factory
Andrea Oliva at Button Factory
The button Factory, known for its outstanding sound system, large balcony view and overall quality vibes, must be considered as a party venue for this weekend. If you havent expereienced a Melodic event, then I would strongly recommend it. Melodic, organised by two sound and talented Irish Djs, always provide us with top quality Djs and always attract a great crowd. What I like the most about their nights are the mad vibes, outrageously good talent and all round great Dj performances. Expect a great night with Melodic lads!
Listen one of his last set on date at BPM festival 2015

@AndreaOliva1 Andrea Oliva @ Ants Party – BPM Festival 2015 10-01-15 by Livesets Archive on Mixcloud

Saturday 31st

 Morning Party -> The breakfast Club at the Dark Horse Inn
Breakfast Club
Ever heard of the Breakfast Club? Well it’s happening this weekend and its in your best interest to be there this Saturday! This is a popular early morning house that plays wicked house from 7am to 12pm.
Vinyl breakfast only ever at the Dark Horse Inn, and its right in the heart of the city! So what makes the breakfast club so special? Only one way to find out! Expand your horizons and go finish the morning in style. Did I mention their White Russian Cocktails…Oh those delicious White Russians !
To give you an idea of what to expect:
! Mr.G – Mango And Rum (Daze Maxim Remix)

The Field [Live] at Hangar
The Field [Live] at Hangar
And for your Saturday! Ill make easy for you! The Hanger will be the place to go!  Why you ask? Well the hanger, previously known as Andrews Lane Theatre is the new kid on the block providing you with an authentic Warehouse acting as the main stage with a Funktion 1 sound system with custom lighting system installed. It will unleash the tunes! Dublin the last few months has provided us with a few new great spots, and this one is defo one of them. Check it out!
What I also like about the place is the chill area upstairs,called “the Loft” with a nice non ordinary decoration
Stockholm-born, Berlin-based, The Field a.k.a. Axel Willner has described his music as The Field as “somewhere between soundscapes and classic songs.” The Stockholm musician is also involved in a number of non-dance projects, including guitar drones as Lars Blek, ambient/drone as Cordouan and classic Warp electronica as Speedwax with Ola K.
Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush (The Field Remix)


Gig forager: Charlotte Grenson