What is PR and How Can it Help Brands?

September 24, 2019 – News

I’m Fiona Donnellan from Sustainable PR. Each month on the H&G Creations Ltd. blog I’m going to be giving a little insight into my world of PR, my business and how it can work for brands, no matter how big or small the venture.

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What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) can often be hard to describe in a couple of words. It’s an ever-evolving industry as our world becomes more digital and the way we consume news changes. In essence, Public Relations is about generating positive publicity for brands. PR aims to build and manage a brand’s positive reputation.

At Sustainable PR I work with smart brands who want the best for the customers and the world that we live in. I help them tell their story to the masses. I want to connect brands with their customers by getting their story on social media, in newspapers, online, on radio, on TV or in more recent times on podcasts. The more eyes and ears on a brand campaign or story the more brand awareness I can generate.

How can Public Relations help?

The right PR strategy can see great results and increase the number of customers visiting your site, talking about your brand and buying your products or services.

Ultimately I want to keep your brand in your audience’s view long term. Endorsements in media of your brand or product add valuable credibility and can compliment your overall marketing plan!

For example, H&G Creations Ltd. really wanted to ensure their work was getting noticed by the right people, so together with Sinead and Deirdre I devised a business PR strategy whereby they were featured in more prominent business publications like the Business & Finance publication talking about event planning and experiential brand activations and Business and Finance Magazine discussing their corporate event planning and team building events.

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It shone a light on a different side of the H&G Creations Ltd. business offering and their expertise in the area of event management. It put their story in front of the right audience.