We met with Robbie and Gary

September 17, 2014 – Cool couples

Hi guys! Care to introduce yourselves?

Both: We met each other in February this year in Los Angeles through mutual friends.

Where and when did you meet each other?

Both: Well, as above we met in March, so between March and August, I suppose isn’t really that long (In Irish Standards anyway). In the U.S, it’s ‘more ‘ normal to get married sooner rather than later. Two cultures trying to find the middle ground I suppose. We are also both in agreement that if you find that person, why wait? After all, this is the very thing the LGBT community have been fighting for.

A huge congratulations on your marriage. Were you engaged for a while or was it a sporadic decision to tie the knot?

On the engagement side of things, it was quite sporadic actually. We got engaged this year in LAS VEGAS (June 30th). It was me (Gary) that asked Robbie actually. but there were a few hints on both sides before that.  We were then married in Beverly Hills courthouse on August 27th 2014. I think both of us can agree, definitely the best day of our lives (so far).


Gary, I know you from college and I fell in love with your personality. Robbie, you’re a lucky man. What do you love most about one another?

Gary: Seana, thanks for the compliment. Well, what I most love about Robbie is that he’s just an all round great guy. Normal, down-to-earth and sarcastic I suppose. Another aspect of his personality what I love is that he’s amazing at what he does (Editing and Choreographing)

Honestly, one of my favourite things when we first met is that he wanted to go to a Dive Bar for wings and beer on our first date. We have A LOT in common. Also, have you seen what he looks like?

Robbie: Gary’s smile. I would echo what Gary said above too. We have a lot in common with each other and are each other’s best friends. Whether it be driving, or going the gym, hiking the Hollywood hills, we always get along. Gary is always hungry, which definitely suits me.

You’re both living the American dream. I can only imagine the freedom of it all. What has your journey entailed thus far?

Both: The American dream is right. We have done so much so far. Living in California does help, as does being surrounded by a great group of friends. So far, we’ve been to Vegas twice, San Diego twice, all on little breaks from the grind that is L.A. We’ve had a lot of fun so far.

We got out on regular basis, one of our locals is a bar called ‘’ Lucky ‘’ in Los Feliz (area in L.A where we live) which is really cool.

Robbie: I’m not really crazy into Roller-coasters and thrill rides but since I’ve met Gary I’m being forced to do sh*t like that on a regular basis. I’ve definitely adjusted.

Gary: Another big thing is all those firsts. Buying furniture together, planning our holidays and thanksgiving (my first). I think we’ve also amassed about 1 million photographs together. Since I’ve moved here too (and in with Robbie). I don’t think I’ve ever been so healthy. Definitely don’t drink as much as I did back in Ireland, which can only be a great thing.


Do you think Ireland will grow a pair of balls in regards to same sex marriage?

Both: Robbie doesn’t know much about Ireland, but I think it will grow a pair pretty soon (in regards to Gay Marriage). I heard somewhere in the news that it’s 2015 or something they’re expecting a change/vote or something. We have said that when Ireland legalizes marriage, we’ll do a little ceremony there so family and friends can attend. Cause apparently, flights to L.A aren’t as cheap as you’d think – haha

You both convey youthfulness, fearlessness and happiness. Do you have any advice for couples out there going through a patchy area?

Robbie: Never go to bed fighting, what I mean is always clear the air before going to sleep. Never ever sleep on a fight. I also think it’s important to appreciate one another, and even more important to show your appreciation.

Gary: I think I’d say the same as Robbie above, but I’d also say be spontaneous as the monotony of anything can weigh people down. Sometimes, we’ll just decide randomly to go the beach in the evening with the dog or check out what’s on DT, or surprise each other.


What things do you not do around each other? I’m talking nose picking stuff!

Both: Our apartment isn’t that big at the moment (moving soon), so we don’t have the luxury of not doing anything around each other..honestly though, can’t think of anything.

Lastly, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and trust. Amen.

Both: Thanks!

Words: Seana Henry