Top 5 Places for Vegan Fast Food in Dublin

March 26, 2019 – News

Slowly but surely, Dublin is catering to more and more vegans as our nation starts to open their eyes to animal cruelty, environmental issues and even the health benefits of eating all them delicious greens. However, what food vendors need to remember is US VEGANS ARE HUMAN TOO. We too have days with criminal hangovers and an occasional Saturday night in when we want, need fast food delivered to our doors. Cater our vegan fast food needs, PLEASE!

There are a few god-like restaurants who are flying the delicious vegan fast food flag in Dublin. YOU NEED TO CHECK THIS GOODNESS OUT:

*IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (don’t @ me. All vegan fast food is good food)



Vegan Fast Food: Fish & Chips

Get ready for your seaside nostalgia to be through the roof;

Hidden away in EatYard lies vegans best kept secret. Yep, Vish is here to bring you back to a saltier time of battered cod and chips.

With the ‘vish fillet’ being made from cassava, wild seaweed and battered with love, it genuinely tastes like the real deal. With a dollop of mustard aioli, sapphires and triple cooked chips, you will be reminded how fish are friends and not food.

They also offer cauliflower wings, carrot dogs and the most stunning deserts.

“I’ll have one of everything please.”


  1. McGuinnes Chipper


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Picture this; 5 pints in, and your mind wanders to the beauty of food. You think to yourself “I AM BLOODY STARVING”. What do you do? Get basic chips?


You have to understand, as a vegan you are doing your part to help the world go round. Therefore, you deserve to treat your sweet self with more than a basic bag of chip, can I get an amen?

Disguised among the ruckus of Camden streets lies your new best friend, Mc Guinness Takeaway. Philly cheese steak sambo, kebabs, battered sausage, chicken nuggets, pizzas, double burger with bacon and cheese, battered burger, GARLIC MAYO ALL FREAKIN’ VEGAN AVAILABLE UNTIL 1AM!!!

You are worthy of this my friend, now lets rejoice over the vegan goodness.





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    Brunch used to be fun – but if I’m honest, it can be frustrating for a vegan, especially when the only edible item on the menu is plain oats.

    Is it too much to ask for a vegan pulled pork bap? Sova Vegan Butcher thinks not.

    Open for brunch, lunch dinner, this restaurant welcomes mouth-watering vegans and their mates to show how delicious and nutritious food can be without animal produce.

    Comprised of oyster mushrooms, red cabbage and their divine house made BBQ sauce mayo, their pulled pork is heavenly! It’s that kind of sambo you dig your teeth into and the flavour pours out leaving your eyes rolling to the gods.


    4) Umi Falafel


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    For those of you who are screaming, “falafels aren’t fast food!”, you cannot question this selection until you try it.

    Honestly, every time I have the Palestinian Pocket from UMI I’m gagged . It’s just a big juicy hot mess filled with all the goods, what’s not to love? If you get in there before 6pm you can get it with perfectly crisped Batata Haras (a.k.a boojee wedges) with a coffee for €9 – literally bargain town.

    TOP TIP: Get extra humus, because you can never have too much.


    5) TOKEN


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  1. To be honest, I’m not a big gamer (with the exception of dance mat, obviously), but the food in this arcade-come-diner is like a vegan’s American dream.Token just seems to promote a very inclusive environment for us veg enthusiast. You can leisurely come with your meat-eating mates and not have to panic. They have it all, vegan chicken burgers, dogs, tenders, tacos, sides, ice-cream sundaes – the list goes on lads. The craic is also ninety with tasty hipster-type drinks and pinball to go alongside your pigging out.However, it must be warned this is a hot spot. Making a reservation is highly encouraged as it’s often full. No one wants to see you hangry babes x


And there you have it, our top 5 vegan fast food in Dublin. Keep eating your greens, and asking the world for more offerings around our ever growing city.