H&G top ten Halloween Make-up idea’s, Costumes and where to find them!

October 27, 2017 – Fashion

Words by Holly Hannigan


Halloween is creeping up on us and if you’re feeling a bit uninspired on the costume front, do not  worry my childrennn – we’ve got you sussed! If you’re looking to scare the bejaysis out of people with some sinister make up but haven’t had the time to sort yer life out yet, don’t worry because we’ve done all the leg work for you!  Here are some online accounts we’ve sought out that we think have that certain je ne sais quoi you’re looking for this hallows eve.

Here are some creative icons over on instagram that are bringing us glam inspo realness.

Emerging from Chicago’s queer underground, between the banging tunes and fab outlandish looks this bishhh has it all figured out.

It took me quite a while to figure out whether the looks being created all across this insta were warped and edited or if this queen is actually just that skilled to make it look like that. Turns out they are!

Hannah rose & Steven Raj are the creators behind fashion brand fecal matter that are challenging censorship and producing outstanding high design looks. They are one of my favourites, definitely give’em a goo!

This is another one that made me look twice, is it Photoshop or is it skill? The answer is both I think,  all I know is, if you were thinking about working with some prosthesis this is the account you’d want to be searching.

Moving on to somebody who has a few more of your classic Halloween looks with a love for twisted glamour. London based creative Charity Kase has an incredible eye for detail with a LOT of variety going on on their page, something to suit everybody!

 If you’re looking for more gore and adventure and are prepared to put some serious effort in check  out Ellinor Rosander from Sweden, she knows what up. Plus all her tutorials are up on youtube, just to make things a little less intimidating.

If you’re looking for some impeccably detailed makeup and tend to err on the side of something a bit girly then she’s your gal. Whopper talent, GORGE ideas!

This gyal seems to have fairly straight forward yet unusual designs and they are incredibly effective. Like myself she uses the aul spooky contact lenses to take any look to 100 real fast.

Here’s one for the beardy men now. You guys may think maybe you haven’t got as much surface area to work with deeming your Halloween look a little less effective. ‘Au contraire’ my friends! Why stop at the skin? Paint that beard any colour or design you wish whether it’s with face paint and hairspray it’s gonna be effective. Check out the link to Lorcan’s bio to really get a sense of what he’s about!

So although this is the only Halloween look London based Gary Thompson rocks, it’s still one to be noted and the fact he shows you each bit step by step over on his insta is a real plus too.

      Here are a few more idea’s for the men out there robbed off pinterest that might get those creative juices flowing.


Now, as for helping you out on the costume side of things we at H&G are very big fans of an oul head-dress. They’re easy, fab and so so effective. Realistically with a headdress, a pair of fishnets and a shot of the aul mad contact lenses, you’re gonna kill it. So here’s a few ideas we think are whopper and where you need to go to get the goods.

These may look intimidating, but truth be known with a nice thick communion shtyle hairband from W.M. trimmings on Capel St, a few straws spray-painted whatever colour you fancy, few feathers and a hot glue gun, there isn’t much you can’t achieve. If you wanted to really step it up and have a few flowers on there too you could find what you need in any pound shop or even take a trip to the Flower Market in Stoneybatter to collect some moss or foliage, whatever tickles your fancy.




If you’re looking for help with your costume and you’re a bit hard on cash have a peep in one of these thrift stores around our lovely city, and the money is going to a good cause so why not! Pop into St vincents or Bernardos  in Rathmines or you can check out one of the many thrift stores on Camden street such as Simon community  or The Irish Cancer Society. One of the many charity shops on Georges street is Oxfam, who are absolutely killing it with their vintage section at the moment.

If you’re lucky enough to be flush with cash at the moment check out one of these fab shops around the town ahead of this weekend,  Dublin vintage factory out in Smithfeild. Fresh, eager beaver or Lucy’s lounge around Temple Bar, or Asha on the top floor of Stephens Green Shopping centre is always a good shout too. If you’re feeling extra saucy have a shneak into any of the sex shops on Capel Street either, YUPPAAAA.

Looking for some inspo? It seems like the New York club scene has it all figured out with club kids Robby Reed and im_linux killin’ the game, give them a gander.