Top Acts at H&G Golden Free Party

December 15, 2017 – Gigs

To give you guys a little taste of what to expect at Midas touch NYE Festival we are throwing you a free Golden Free Party in  the lovely location of 39/40 Aran Quay  kicking off at 10pm ’til either you cant groove any longer or your sick of  us chattin the ear off ye! Here at H&G this is our way of saying thank you for your devoted friendship, support and Love all throughout the past year! On the night we will play host to  an deadly mix of local artists and were about to help you familiarise yourself with these absolute goers right here and now babyyy!


First of all were gonna talk about “Reveller”, also known as our lovely friend Sam Boylan. Sam likes to combine different styles of House music to create something new he can make his own, with a bit of relaxing uplifting House thrown in there for good measure. Here’s a bangin mix from Sam to give you an idea of what to expect on the night

Another act your sure to be familiar with playing on the night is the unique energy including PrYmary Colours which consist of none other than Cayisha Graham from Wicklow &  Daz Geohery from Dublin. This act with live vocals by Cayisha and production and beats by Daz make electronic music consisting of beats & melodies. This dynamic duo make Dance music that you can sing along to, what more could you want on a magical night to reunite with your mates you haven’t seen all year and have a good oul bop. Feel good music with uplifting vibes, they are always trying to spread positivity and love with their tunes.  PrYmary colours will also be playing our NYE Midas Touch festival, so get buzzed for this lil kittens!

PrYmary colours are also dropping their new EP this weekend, come and be the first to have a goo at their new music this weekend! Or have a listen here, all tunes free until Christmas click here for more.

Last but not least we’re delighted to announce another one of our acts on the night will be none other than Momentum DJ’s. Momentum DJ’s is an electronic music collective consisting of Santos Reevs and Jus Damien bringing us the music we love to listen to. The lads combine visual Art and Electronic music brought to you by visionary Djs and Artists blending genres and boundaries. Expect bangin’ House and Techno on the night!

We hope that this night gets you buzzed to bits for our BYOB, NYE Event Midas Touch Festival. This night will have 3 whopper areas performance including acts such as Santos Reevs, Nathan Jones, Justyna Koss, Vladimir Miller, Colin Devine, Boots & Kats, Stephen Manning, Charlie Garrett & AJ Ferris.

This event will be held in the magical location of Loughcrew house, a house once occupied by a compassionate white witch. Many moons ago this House was cursed, it then later had to be burned to the ground three times to be released of the curse, fitting for Midas who was once cursed with the golden touch aye? If your looking for some relaxation this NYE, we’ve got ya covered on that front too, indulge in our relaxation station fully equipped with Tibetan singing bowls for some meditative cleansing while sipping on a lovely herbal tea. Roll on good times, and a new year!