Top 5 Christmas Gifts By Irish Creatives

December 12, 2019 – News

Christmas Gifts by Irish Creatives.


Are you ready to spend all your hard-earned cash on multi-national corporations?


Look, ok – I’m sorry but we at H&G are so over throwing our money in the wind. Its time we take a stand and make sure our gift-giving is going to the worthy hands of Irish creatives. AM I RIGHT?

Are you ready to sleigh the gifting game with some high-quality presents? Here are H&G’s top 5 picks for Christmas gifts

1. The Dirt Bird


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Are you searching for a perfect gift for the gas bitch in your life?

You are about to hit the jackpot.

The lovely Dirt Bird is known commonly as Sarah Devereux. Starting up the infamous queer variety night ‘Spice Bag’, she is THE ultimate gas bitch.

From stunning pieces surrounding our nation’s treasures Nadine Coyle and Enya to the finest china covered in famous slogans such as “fuck the patriarchy” and “everything’s fine”, it is genuinely the perfect gift for your soul mate, parents or Kris kindle.

Check out all the gas creations here.


  1. Currabinny Cook Book


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When he’s not being a full-time glam bitch, our dearest James Kavanagh and his lovely boyf William Murray are creating the most STUNNING recipes.

Compiled within the most gorge cookery book are the lovely couples favourite dishes they’ve created over the years. Celebrating flavours through every page (except raisins), this book is the perfect bible for the foodie or James Kav fan in your life.

Purchase the beautiful bits here.


  1. Scribble & Stone


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Where are my good time gals? They are calling for this stunning jewellery.

These ladies (who work beside the H&G offices) are creating the most bespoke jewellery. With dozens of necklaces and earrings, these unique pieces are to die for.

Treat that glamorous person in your life with some B L I N G and support Irish creatives.


  1. AUM


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AUM is the most gorge, personalised gift possible.

The lovely Luke Reddy started AUM to reconnect people to nature through creative expression. Finding natural components that have been left by our ancestors, Reddy carves Ogham messages on rocks from Sligo.

UGH – I think I have finally found the definition of stunning. Go get them.


  1. Aoife Dooley – Only Massive


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If you don’t know who Aoife Dooley is, you are living under a rock….. or perhaps you’re just not on Twitter (shes legit a social-queen)

Dabbling in illustration, comedy and writing, she is a lady of many talents. Dooley also sells stunning and gas prints, trinkets & badges for you to gift that special someone.

Join the Dooley army and buy Christmas gifts by Irish creatives.



Go be merry & bright. We wish you love, laughter and a splash of sesh this Christmas x