#TheFlowProject: 29th of April – 1st of May

April 22, 2019 – News

Spread the Love.
29th April – 1st of May

What is The Flow Project?

The Flow Project is a pop-up art installation that has been hand-crafted by H&G Creation & Collective Dublin to inject positivity into our beautiful city. This immersive experience will allow the people of Dublin to share a positive affirmation through writing a simple note of gratitude onto a public chalkboard.

Through the art installation embodying self-love and a positive outlook on life’s simple joys, it hopes to pour infectious loving energy through the streets of our city.

#TheFlowProject will be sharing the love from 29th of April – 1st of May at Bernard Shaw.

How Can I Get Involved?
The beautiful people at COLLECTIVE Dublin will be capture the series of events from 4pm to 7pm on the 29th of April.
If you’d like to share a thankful thought with us, please drop by – we’d love to see you!

However, if you are unavailable #TheFlowProject will be welcoming everyone’s gratitude throughout the 3 days, in case you want to share your thanks at a different time. We would love to see you’re addition to the wall by hash tagging #TheFlowProject across all social platforms.

Hope to see you spreading the love,