The Asian Experience

August 8, 2014 – Culture
The ever so talented illustrator Sarah Cunningham has taken a different approach on a travel journal. Please do enjoy her tales!


Halong Bay, Vietnam

The Bay of the Descending Dragon. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. We went on an overnight cruise where you get to explore caves, go kayaking and climb up hundreds of steps to this platform overlooking the whole bay. It was such an incredible place and a once in a lifetime experience.


Nishiki market, Kyoto

I don’t know if a vegetarian could survive long term in Japan. When you say vegetarian in Japan they assume you mean that you don’t eat beef or chicken, but you eat fish, of course you do everyone eats fish, why wouldn’t you eat fish? Subsequently, the reply to “vegetarian?” in most restaurants is “prawn?”  I pretty much lived on Onigiri (rice balls) for the whole two weeks we were in Japan! I did manage to find some amazing veggie sushi in Nishiki Market in Kyoto. This made me so happy, but in order to get to this sushi place you have to pass by row after row of fish mongers with all these little fish and squids staring at you which were a little unnerving. But it was worth it for those amazing kappa rolls.

More to follow next week.

Words & illustrations: Sarah Cunningham 

Sarah C