Support Your Local Designer this Christmas on Etsy

December 21, 2016 – Art, Culture

Christmas shopping has officially begun. And while the lights and atmosphere of the shops are a novelty for, oh… about 10 minutes? It’s not long before you’re swearing “next year I’ll get everything online”. But online shopping can feel so soulless, and what about buying Irish? Well come hear til I tell you all about Etsy.

Etsy is a global marketplace for crafters, artists and vintage sellers. Established in Brooklyn in 2005 Etsy has become one of the most well run e-commerce sites available. Etsy has a few major offices in the US but their Global division is right here in dear old Dublin. Etsy’s mission has been to give makers and sellers a direct line to buyers using a slick and easily navigable system. If you’re shopping with an Etsy seller you have direct means of communicating with them, which is great for ironing out any concerns and because many of the artists and crafts people will do custom orders to help you create the gifts you really want.

Best of all Etsy has a huge community of Irish or Ireland based Etsy sellers. The Etsy Ireland Team was founded in 2009 and has over 1700 members. In addition to the team members there are loads of other Ireland based sellers on Etsy who aren’t part of the team, and Etsy’s search by location function makes it lemon squeezy to find all our creative countrymen and women. Shopping with this bunch of creatives and vintage collectors has benefits by the bushel: nice low shipping price, quick delivery, and economic patriotism to boot. Research shows that for every Euro spent in Ireland on an Irish owned business 45c will stay in the economy, as opposed to only 15c when we buy with an international brand on our high street… and presumably none when we buy from international brands online.

To search for items from members of the Etsy Ireland Team use the search term “etsyirelandteam” in Etsy’s search bar. You can also search by location to find items from all folks selling on our shores.

We’ve taken the time here at H&G to round up a list of 10 of the best Irish designers and sellers to save you some time this Christmas, have a look see…