Super Super-Hero Shoes

July 16, 2014 – Culture
She’s out on the prowl giving her shoes a revamp! KAPOWWWW

Super Super-Hero Shoes

My shoes have Iron Man on them; your argument is invalid.

What do you get when you combine comics and your old, slightly worn, shoes? That’s what I decided to find out on Sunday afternoon after I heard that White Lady Art on Wellington Quay were doing a D.I.Y Super Hero Heels class (not necessarily just heels though, flats and boots were welcome too).

The space is beautiful; the walls are covered in vibrant and colourful art, the people are welcoming and friendly, and the place feels very calm and relaxing. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon when you may not be feeling your best.

I sat down at a table that was covered in old comics from the 80’s and early 90’s. ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Valkyrie’, and ‘The Avengers’ were up for grabs along with plenty others. In fact, there were enough there that no one had to fight over the few copies of ‘X-Men’ or ‘Howard the Duck’. Our lovely art teacher, Holly, got us all glue and showed us what to do. After a couple of hours my shoes were covered in speech bubbles, sound effects and superheroes. I was pleased with my efforts, but after I looked around at the others sitting around the table I felt bad: my shoes were utter shite in comparison to most of theirs. Some had gone with an all over theme for their shoes, others had decided to only put comics on certain parts of their boots, mine were just a haphazard collection of cut-outs from an ancient ‘Iron Man’ comic and random bits from a ‘Super Mario’ advertisement. In saying that, everybodies’ (including mine, after Holly gave me a much-needed helping hand) looked amazing once the glue had begun to set.

While waiting for glue to dry, I chatted to Holly about the place. It’s only been open just over a year and a half, and likes to feature contemporary, surrealist and urban art. The gallery curates new exhibitions every month and likes to give exposure to artists that may not be seen otherwise. Check out the website at for upcoming exhibitions and events.

White Lady Art will also be doing two free art classes a month until December, including a ‘”Thriller” Flash-mob-in-a-day Charity Event’ in October (which sounds like it could be epic. I’ve got my Thriller dance moves already ready to go), so check them out if you’re looking for something cool and creative to do. Most of the events are BYOB and free!

Lots of love,

Fake Geek Girl.

Photography: Caroline Kealy