Spirit in the Sky Mix

December 26, 2014 – Culture

This weeks Hunt & Gather Spirit in the sky mix starts off with Red Axe’s remix of Spirit in the sky. Then thanks to Lar Morris, Enigma with Locked Groove. Red axes again with Kicks out of you (feat. Abrao) and one of my favourites this year with Lenny by Caltrop. Tale from the Dirt (Rampa Remix) from Hyenah was played by Dixon at Warehouse project and he completely slowed his set down to fit it in it’s that good. There are also a couple of Keinemusik tracks in there as usual and I finished with a band I met in Marseille during the summer called Date with Elvis. Vox Low Remixed their song Tears and it’s a fucking cracker.

See you at Illuminati on New Years Eve.

Jus Damien.