Shrem’s Hunted and Gathered May Songs

June 8, 2015 – Culture
  1. “LOST U” – RANGLEKLODS (Tambourhinoceros)

Rangleklods come from Copenhagen and this impossibly haunting track comes from their latest album “Straitjacket”. KCRW described Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen as “a musical marriage of Robyn and Caribou” and I couldn’t possibly find a more fitting description of their sound. “Lost U” serves a deliciously eclectic sonic cocktail of electronic pop, nu disco and house. This track has everything for all the synth pop heads out there. Unique!


  1. “GOD EMOJI” – SILICON (Weird World Records)


Weird World Records, London based indie label which spoiled our ears already with Washed Out and Jaakko Eino Kalevi in the past, are eager to introduce us to Silicon – the new project from Auckland, New Zealand by a Hawaii multi-instrumentalist Kody Nielson. Judging by the first, extremely impressive single “God Emoji” we should be expecting a vibrant blend of chillwave, funk and synth-pop. The alluring debut single from Silicon comes with one of this year’s most memorable music videos, directed by Sam Peacocke.


  1. “INHALE EXHALE” – NAO (Little Tokyo Records)


Those of you who have been to Little Dragon’s gig at Vicar Street last autumn should remember this new, talented British neo soul diva. Nao returns with her second EP “February 15” packed with absolute gems, “Apple Cherry” echoing FKA Twigs’ vocal acrobatics, the contagious “Zillionaire” and this oldskool funk flavoured anthem in the making “Inhale Exhale”. If only Prince was still producing gems for his protégées as successfully as back in 1980’s and 90’s they could sound quite like this. Irresistible and instantly addictive!Nao remains one of the most proficient ambassadors of the current UK Soul & R&B scene.


  1. “MAD ABOUT THE BOY” – AZEKEL (Thunderlightning)


Azekel is another great example of how prolific and interesting UK urban scene is at the moment. It feels as if the soulful revolution somehow started with Jessie Ware’s debut album “Devotion” with a whole array of young and gifted musicians constantly appearing on the musical horizon these days. Azekel follows the likes of Dornik, Nao, Billie Black or Jones by adding a drop of electronica into the world of contemporary R&B. Pure London stylee. “Mad About the Boy” is written, produced, performed and mixed by Azekel himself.




Finnish duo Femme En Fourrure intrigue me more and more with every next release, kaleidoscopically balancing between genres, styles and moods, they never fail to surprise. The latest offering from the Helsinkian duo is their”Smell EP” consisting of 3 brand new tracks. Layers of cold, crystal clear synths, distorted vocals, Fever Ray-esque vibes, broken beats and Femme en Fourrure’s signature otherworldly production is what makes this EP such an exciting aural escapade. I’ve had “Shores” on repeat for a few weeks at this stage.