Shrem’s Hunted and Gathered June Songs

July 10, 2015 – Culture

1. “EVIL EYES” – RÓISÍN MURPHY (Play It Again Sam)

La Murphy unleashes the second single from her epically uncompromising and creatively superior 3rd solo album “Hairless Toys”! “Evil Eyes” is a funky slice of synth-laden future pop accompanied by another bonkers self-directed video portraying the second of the 8 characters from Murphy’s highly conceptual masterpiece. Ajimaji la taraji!



Miss Janet returns with the exquisite “No Sleeep” her first single in 5 years entering the 4th decade of her artistic activity. Instead of blindly and desperately chasing mainstream producers, generic and unimaginative POP sounds and potential #1 hits, Jackson chooses to come back in an elegantly understated style. “No Sleeep” is a classic slickly produced Janet Jackson single, echoing some of her more downtempo “Velvet Rope” grooves. What an irresistible little gem!

3. “HUSH DOWN” – JAAKKO EINO KALEVI(Weird World Records)

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“Hush Down” is the 3rd track taken from JaakkoEinoKalevi’s self-titled album, which is out nowvia Weird World Record. Similarly to its predecessors, the delicate “Double Talk” and the infectious “Deeper Shadows”, the song seduces with the Finnish artist’s unique vision of dreamy synth-pop sweetened by his signature medley of otherworldly vocals.


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“Love is Free” comes from Robyn’s forthcoming EP with La Bagatelle Magique (her band member Markus Jägerstedt and the late Christian Falk) and features Dominican artist Maluca Malawhom I am also quite fond of (remember “El Tigeraso” or “Lola”?). The track is a hedonistic throwback to 90’s club bangers and promises a joyful ride on Robyn’s highly anticipated first new EP since her epic pop triptych “Body Talk”.

5.“WE ARE YOUNG” – JOLIE CHÉRIE (self released)

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My favourite Parisian trio – the delightful Jolie Chérie are generously giving away their latest song “We Are Young” for free on their Soundcloud. “We Are Young” is a wondrously vibrant journey into vintage French Pop, oldskoolsynthesisers and sublime vocoders. Another flawless 1980’s flavoured production from these underrated electro pop troopers. Better than Yelle, c’estpromis!