Shrem’s Hunted and Gathered July Songs

August 11, 2015 – Culture
  1. “DO IT GOOD” – SÍSÝEY(mr.intl)

It looks like the Icelandic quartet SísýEy will be scoring a Top 5 spot among my “Best Tracks of the Year” for the third consecutive year with the arrival of their impossibly catchy and instantly addictive house anthem “Do It Good”.After months of teasing the electrifying song is finally getting released via Andy-Hercules & Love Affair-Butler’s own label mr.intl on 14th August. The inescapable melody, the irresistible beat, the classic house hooks, the impeccable vocal harmonies is what makes it an immediate dancefloorfavourite, worth all the wait!An instant Saturday night essential.


  1. “ROSES” –ABRA (self released)

2 (1)

Are you ready to be blown away? If you haven’t heard about THΔ DΔRKWΔVE DUCHΞSS aka Arba and you’re digging the ever so expanding alternative R&B scene as much as myself you’re up for a treat. Abra is a female sensation combining all the best elements from the genre’s last 3 decades, mixing them up with a healthy dose of analog instrumentation and electronica toa mind-blowing sonic cocktail of experimental R&B, pretty much impossible to resist for any soul-loving musos in the house.An absolutely astonishing, truly original musical effort with some of the most divine vocals I’ve heard all year so far.



3 (3)

Shaun J. Wright &Alinka – the indestructible Chicago based ambassadors of underground house music return with another stellar release “It Keeps Turning” which features this uplifting remix treatment from Le Tigre’s JD Samson. Pure fun!


  1. “PINK LIGHT” – JAMIE LIDELL (self released)

4 (2)

Jamie Lidell is back with a one off single “Pink Light” channeling his inner Alexander O’Neil and Luther Vandross. The sometimes experimental musician escapes from his Motown-esque and electronic excursions to serve us this bedroom-friendly, synth-laden, 80’s flavoured sensual ode to some of the greatest R&B ballads, slow jams anddowntempo pop songs from circa 3 decades ago. “Pink Light” is already sounding like one of Lidell’s most accomplished singles to date, understated yet instantly captivating.


    1. “RUNNING” – JONI (Feel Good Lost)

5 (3)

This raw and subtly oldskool Garage gem was made by County Wicklow-based Joni and could only be described as one of the most innovative and inspiring tracks to come out of Ireland in the last while. I am hugely intrigued what the future might bring for this gifted singer. Not just a major dancefloor moment but also great vocals. Exciting and fresh!