Shrem’s Hunted and Gathered April Songs

May 2, 2015 – Culture
  1. “DEEPER SHADOWS” – JAAKKO EINO KALEVI (Weird World Records)

Jaakko Eino Kalevi used to be a tram driver in his home city, Helsinki. Now he’s based in Berlin and produces haunting, eclectic musical collages mixing elements of funk, electro, folk and synth-pop. The understated and irresistibly hypnotic “Deeper Shadows” announces the arrival of his brand new self-titled LP while the song is accompanied by one the most vibrant and clever videos so far in 2015. A truly dreamy moment from one of the blogosphere’s most hyped-up acts at present.



2 (2)

4AD have been pioneers in discovering unique musical talents for almost 4 decades at this stage. Joining the extraordinary palette of artists, the likes of Bon Iver, Ariel Pink, Grimes and Gang Gang Dance, is the mysterious U.S. Girls. Oscillating between bizarre pop and wonky dub with a solid dose of sweet cacophony and punk aesthetics, “Damn That Valley” easily finds its spot among this year’s most uncompromising and fascinating singles to date. You’ll either adore it immensely or it’ll annoy the hell out of you at first listen. Fashionably off-note and wondrously intense.



3 (1)

Another strong candidate for the Video of the Year. Visually astonishing, this joyful “ode to African girls” from Petite Meller is an explosion of positive vibes, the kind of pop music one could wish to be on top of the charts instead of the usually uninspiring, mediocre, generic stuff. “Baby Love” may actually be quite a hit when it finally gets released in June.



4 (1)

This one’s an instant summer anthem. Colourful and undeniably catchy, the latest offering from the unstoppable Aeroplane will serve many open-air festival sets, garden parties and BBQ’s. “Let’s Get Slow” features one of the French Touch legends Monsieur Benjamin Diamond whose contribution to dance music includes among others, the anthemic vocals of Stardust’s massively popular single “Music Sounds Better With You”.


  1. “ALFONSO MUSKEDUNDER (Mungolian Jetset Remixes)” – TODD TERJE

5 (2)

Continuing on the summery music theme. This latest single from the Norwegian wizard of nu-disco, better known as Todd Terje, is serving sunny Balearic realness with its exotic hooks, marimbas, vibraphones and latin flavours. All courtesy of Mungolian Jetset responsible for this couple of magnificent remixes.