San Lorenzo’s

August 6, 2014 – Food & Drink
“[On Chicken Soup for the Soul] You should read Tomato Sauce for your Ass. It’s the Italian version.” – Tony Soprano

San Lorenzo’s has become somewhat of an institution in Dublin serving up New York style hearty meals full of flare and if instagram is anything to go by then it’s their brunch that is the Pièce de résistance. On that note; brunch is what was aimed for and that was achieved last weekend.

The atmosphere was that of family meet ups, friend catch ups and hangover fry ups. The menu had everything from simple pleasures to please the delicate stomachs to something more adventurous for those of us who hadn’t had much anticipation over the weekend.


That need for excitement was quickly satisfied with a glance of the menu. After much deliberation the Huevos ranchers and baked ham and eggs Benedict dishes were the chosen ones.

The space was bright and airy; bustle but not loud. I would have happily nursed my cappuccino there all day while I waited for my food, but before I even had a chance to order another one the dishes arrived. All of which were perfectly presented and equally delicious.

With the staff managing the ideal blend of attentive without being overbearing we were happy to order some post-breakfast refreshments (read: delicious craft lemonade) and make the most of the ambiance before it was time to drag ourselves together and start the day.

San Lorenzo’s is definitely somewhere I would return to, there was plenty on the menu to have you keep coming back. They seem to have nailed the laid back New York deli atmosphere on the head. The result was: a laid back brunch joint with heart.

Words & Photography by i come undone