PrYmary Colours Feel Good Irish Electronic Duo

March 30, 2017 – Music, People

Interview by: Sinead Bailey Kelly

We met PrYmary Colours at our H&G stage Life Festival 2015, and we’ve been watching them go from strength to strength over the last couple of years. They took a moment gift us a little taster mix of their music and answered some questions for us on the lead up to their first ever EP launch this weekend…

Have a listen to PrYmary Colours teaser mix below!!

Who are PrYmary Colours?

PrYmary Colours are me (Cayisha) from Wicklow & me (Daz) from Dublin, Ireland. We’re an electronic act with live vocals & beats. I’m (Cayisha) on vocals & I’m (Daz) on production & beats.

For those of us who may have never heard your music, could you describe your sound?

It’s electronic music consisting of beats & melodies. Suppose you could say, we make Dance music that you can sing along to. It’s a feel good music with uplifting vibes, we are always trying to spread positivity and love with our music.

You guys produce all of your own music, who does what and how?

We write & produce all of our own music digitally so that we can incorporate many ideas quickly & efficiently. You could say, software is our instrument. However, piano riffs and chords are also played in via midi keyboard, so there will always be an element of instrumental performance to our songs.

All your music is pretty varied. Where do you get the inspiration for your sounds? 

Many of our beats are inspired from Latin American grooves, a place that taught us lots about the intricate rhythm patterns that add so much to shaking hips. Also, techno & house beats are a big component in the make up of our songs, reaching back to the 90s for some of that feel good, high impact vocals style of music. The content of our songs is mostly inspired from positive people, lessons & forces in our lives. Biggest musical influences would be Daft Punk, The Beach Boys & the 90s in general.

Cayisha as a strong female lead vocalist in Irish electronic music. What are some pros and cons being a female in the music industry? 

Well, I suppose a downside would be some men think they have the right to touch you, and sometimes that can make you feel uncomfortable on stage. On the upside, because I’m an independent strong female I can get a positive message out there through my music and try give power back to all females out there and unite us .

What’s on the horizon for you guys? 

After our Debut release “Do You Want It”, this week, we hope to release 3 more EPs in the next year followed by our debut album. We aim to extend our scope internationally & play gigs, events and festivals, everywhere we can.

Any words of advice for aspiring musicians / producers? 

Get people in to help you move your music. Develop areas that can enhance your music such as, branding, social media, artwork, production and performance. The music industry moves quickly. It requires full commitment so be productive & decisive – good management will help immensely to distribute your product & talent.

Where can we find more of your music?

Our music can be heard online on Soundcloud & YouTube.

Our music will be available to download online @ Bandcamp or to buy in shop @All City Records, Dublin, from April 2017.

PrYmary Colours is releasing their first EP this Saturday night with supports from Jus Damien, its kicks off at 9pm in Siné and is free entry. You can follow their musical adventures on instagram @prymarycolours or Facebook