Top 5 Places To Get Your Fix On Pancake Tuesday in Dublin

March 1, 2019 – News

Lets just get this straight – The important events in my year consist of Christmas, my Birthday AND Pancake Tuesday. Please tell me I’m not alone here, people? Especially with the pancakes available in Dublin.

It baffles me why on earth a bigger deal isn’t made surrounding such a joyous event. Honestly, I could fault the likes of Easter Sunday and Paddy’s Day till the cows come home, but Pancake Tuesday – PURE BLISS.

Whether you are a protein gym bunny, lemon & sugar lover, or Nutella addict, the day has something for everyone in the audience. Not a signal person is left out, allowing individual live their pancake life as they choose to, free from judgment.

After years of developing a love and deep understanding around the godsent delicacy, H&G have decided to let me give you the guide to make your pancake dreams a reality.

Without further ado, here is THE list of places to try for Pancakes Tuesday in Dublin.

5. Gino’s Gelato

Grafton Street 


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So let me guess – you are thinking “I SPY A BASIC BITCH”?


This choice has been carefully added for those of us are too busy to stop, sit down and enjoy a pancake on this blessed day. Although I advise each and everyone one of you to take the time to show your full respect on such an vital day, I understand and respect this isn’t always possible.

If you are on the run, please do schedule in time to take a pit stop and get a Gino’s. It’s been crafted for an on-the-go experience. Above all, you deserve it and you mustn’t let nobody tell you otherwise!


4) Brother Hubbard 

Capel St. & Harrington St.


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Are you just so over the basic staples of Pancake Tuesday and crave MORE?

Do not fear my friend, I have the answer: Brother Hubbard.

Treat your sweet-self to these fluffy pancakes with delicately placed poached pear, white chocolate & chestnut cream… OK, even I’m drooling now.

Although its a pricy lunch at €11.95, you need to remember that we’ve dedicated a day to pancakes for a reason, and you deserve to spend it indulging in them, no matter the cost.


3. Two Pups 

Francais Street


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OK, so this addition to the list may be slightly selfish… Let me offer you some backstory:

Last Pancake Tuesday, I was indulging in the wonderful day of panned cakes when I stumbled upon Two Pups Coffee. Right at that moment, my life changed forever. I discovered a new depth to the world of pancakes.

Served to me was pancakes decorated with poached and puréed rhubarb, vanilla and honey mascarpone – a creation the could only be compared to Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

Since that blessed day of 2018, I have been anxiously waiting to see will this same recipe return this year. It honestly keeps me up at night.

If you are reading this Two Pups, PLEASE GIVE THE PEOPLE (me) WHAT THEY WANT!


2. Herbstreet 

Grand Canal Dock

Herbstreet pancake


Yep, this establishment has got itself into a respectable second place – kudos to you guys.

Why, you ask?

  1. FLUFFY STACK. I can’t comprehend its importance. Do not dare insult a pancake fan with a crepe! Build them high and fat, or else.
  2. CHOICE. Do you want 6 pancakes? 3 pancakes? Chocolate? Fruit? Whiskey spiced apple? They cater with the people in mind. No one’s feelings are hurt from being left out, the inclusive environment is 10/10.
  3. LOCATION. When that stunning sun comes to grace us with the vit D, this is the perfect place to go for your feast. If we are so lucky to be forecasted the sun on Tuesday, I will be camping on from the previous night to ensure my space on their stunning area beside the canal.


1. Póg

Bachelors Walk & Tara Street

Póg pancakes



Let it be known, this is a safe heaven for pancake lovers. With two shops across Dublin City, these lads can feed the mouths of vegans, gym bunnies, sweet tooth bitches and even pancake masters just like myself.

Having a menu dedicated to pancakes alone, Póg allows you to customise your pancake to your optimal preference to bring you satisfaction like no other on the day of celebration.

In addition to that, they even have a Deliveroo service, allowing you to order it for a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Don’t believe the hype? Check out their Instagram page to start salivating instantly.