Outside Broadcast: Mix and Gigs

January 29, 2015 – Culture

Cara and Marianne get together to find great Irish music. Marianne mixes together some recorded goodies to feast your ears on, which Cara covers the live experience side of the scene. Bouncing off each other they will be coming out with some super cool stuff. An outside broadcast is a radio segment of someone out in the field recording something, so consider these two as the girls sitting outside in a suspicious white van outside great gigs in the city, putting together tunes and recommendations for your listening delight.

Friday January 30th

Subplots at The Workman’s Club,  (Doors 8pm)


The hibernation of basically all flippin’ Irish acts for the almost musicless and totally dreary month of January finally stops, somewhat ironically, with the release of an album called Autumning. “Future Tense” is a sneak peek into Subplots’ newest release, and it tells of good things to come. The track is a complete earworm and, like all of Subplots’ music, really crisp and fresh. Tender vocals delicately dance over twinkly, swelling synth, and experimental ambient sounds meet with more straightforward indie rock appeal. Galway band VOIDS provide support in the form of cool, atmospheric grooves and breathy vocals. And if that wasn’t enough to get you to The Workman’s Club…

 Otherkin at The Workman’s Club,  (Doors Midnight)


… Otherkin are playing a Midnight gig at the same venue just so you don’t have to go out into the cold to see them! The party goes on until the wee hours with Otherkin’s characteristic onstage energy and equally consistently great live show, ensuring, as they always do, a super fun night for anyone who decides to hit up The Workman’s Club this Friday. Make no mistake about it though, Otherkin are a very polished and practiced band with a totally distinct identity and a great work ethic. The resulting sound is unlike anyone else around at the moment – noisy “grunge-pop” with addictive, clean-sounding melody lines.

Saturday January 31st

 Girl Band at The Twisted Pepper


Following their signing to Rough Trade Records, the legendary independent label which has been host to a long list widely-respected and successful acts from The Smiths to modern gems such as Sufjan Stevens and Arcade Fire, Girl Band have been tipped for success. Add to that the announcement that they will be showcasing their noisy post-punk in Austin, Texas as part of the SXSW Festival, and it’s safe to say that Girl Band are getting some well-deserved recognition at the moment. Make sure you check what all the hype is about this Saturday at The Twisted Pepper. Special guests PRINCESS woo with fuzzy, kraut-inspired dream pop.

 Popical Island’s 5th Birthday Bash at Whelan’s,  (3.30pm til late)

In celebration of five years of great music Popical Island show off great acts like Paddy Hanna, Squarehead, Skelocrats and Walpurgis Family. It will definitely be good fun.

Words: Cara Spelman
Mix: Marianne Kehoe

Mix Breakdown:
  1. Moosehead by Spies