Oolong Flower Power

July 15, 2014 – Cafe culture, Food & Drink
The coffee revolution is here but what about tea? Fear not, it’s Ireland. We shall never forget about tea. Sure we were baptised with the stuff over our crowns. Mind you, we’re not just talking about the usual brew, Oolong Flower Power caters for many needs.With nearly 400 different teas inside. It doesn’t stop there, tea infused in your pizza sauce. Please read on!


Oolong Flower Power is opened 7 days a week from 11am – 11pm as an alternative to the alcohol culture. I must say it is a very bright idea! Do you hope to open more cafes around the city?

Yes we are trying to make Ireland a tea destination. Tea is the second highest ranking drank beverage after water in the world. We think as we drink an average of 7 pounds per person we are all great tea ambassadors and would embrace the idea as much as the pub culture.


You are the biggest emporium in the country. Exactly what quantity of teas do you currently stock?

We stock over 260 teas and over 40 coffees.

Did you travel extensively prior to opening Oolong? Or were you just always fascinated by tea leaves?

Ten years ago on travels through Asia I came across tea houses that really inspired me. Now here we are!


You have tea experts inside the cafe. If someone was suffering from an upset stomach, a pounding head or lack of sleep the night before do you stock teas to aid someone in their day?

Yes we have a large selection of tisane or herbal teas that have been used since the birth of tea 5000 years ago. Tisane for upset stomach, sweet dreams to help you sleep, energy tea Guyana to help you through the day. Which are for work, sleep and play as they say.


Explain what other types of services the tea haven provides?

We are a tea room, a cafe and a retail shop where we sell teapots tea sets and everything to do with the preparation of tea with some amazing products in the cafe. We also organise tea tasting sessions which takes you through the history of tea with a sampling of 5 teas with food to compliment. We have afternoon tea and we are constantly developing foods infused with tea. From our cakes, tea-brack with earl grey imperial infused which is an orange blossom bergamot to Thai lemon tea gluten free cheesecake. We also have developed a Teazza which is our gourmet range pizza that infuses 3 tea’s in the red passata sauce on a stonebaked artisan base thin and crispy (which is only 365 calories ). It is topped with real buffalo mozzarella from Toons Bridge, Cork and the real olive company toppings that create an amazing taste.


I’m intrigued about a particular coffee named Jamaica Blue Mountain. Care to explain about this golden coffee?

The Jamaican Blue mountain gold is a coffee experience we have created uniquely for Oolong. A barrel of this coffee costs €38000 as 90% is bought up by the Japanese market and 10% goes on the open market. We are lucky get a 2 kg of the No.1 bean with only 2 percent imperfection and we top it with edible 24carat gold to create that unique coffee experience for coffee lovers. We find customers are buying a voucher for this experience as a present for family and friends whom we also sell at the counter just ask one of our fantastic staff who are the heartbeat of Oolong Flower Power.

Words: Seana Henry

Photography: Stephen O’Neill