H&G Music Mondays with Colin Devine

May 18, 2018 – News

This week’s H&G Music Monday is brought to you by the talented DJ, producer, promoter Colin Devine, sharing his favorite tracks of the month – and its music that deserves a BOP.

Holding residencies in The South William, The Workman’s, Pygmalion, Generator Hostel, r.i.o.t. and Blackwax Records, you have most definitely been at one of his events. Running a weekly night in South William on Fridays called ‘Colin Devine & Friends’, Colin books different DJs every week. He modestly adds “It’s good craic, nothing too serious. Just a weekly party, and a chance for undiscovered talent to DJ out in a good club.” Alongside this, Colin also run a monthly night called ‘Sorbet’ with local Northie Dave Taylor and hosts a bi-weekly digital radio show on Dublin Digital Radio called ‘Ellemeno’.

Other than DJ related things, Colin is a self-obsessed Reddit addict and likes to dabble in graphic design, guitar, piano and eating cheese – especially gouda (so fair).


Colin’s Devine Top 5 tracks:


  1. Anchorsong – Darkrum


“I recently discovered this song, featuring on my latest Ellemeno show. Anchorsong is Japanese producer, who is making similar music to one of my favorites, Four Tet.”






  1. Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away

“I stumbled across this tune on reddit (of course). It was featured in a little clip of some man miming along to it in a tiny record shop in Paris. I love the passion in his voice. It’s hard to beat good soul.”





  1. Steve Monite – Only You


“This is a Nigerian disco track from the early 80s, it got a re-release last year, and I suppose it’s just one of those songs that get me going every time. I love the tone of his voice, the melody he sings and the chunky synthy bassline.”






  1. Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know, You Know


“This is the only song that I have played twice on my Ellemeno show. The band is a 70s prog rock band, but this song is not very prog rock. It’s a very cool, relaxed song, with a strange mixture of instruments, when the fiddle comes in, I’m sold.”







  1. Bicep – Opal (Four Tet Remix)


“Surprisingly, this is the only club electronic track I’ve featured. Four Tet somehow manages to improve the already brilliant Opal. Those emotional swelling chords.”





Big thanks t0 Colin for taking part in #musicmondays – be sure to keep him on your radar!