H&G’s Midas Touch // Introducing, Dave Kerr

December 12, 2018 – News

H&G parties always resemble an element of beauty, an arty playground for everyone to explore themselves, digest immersive performances, art installations and kindle friendships with kind souls. This year, Mida’s Touch (our NYE golden palace party) is going to be no different. Be prepared for your eyes to be dazzled by the gold dripping from wall to wall, entertainment ranging from a screening of ‘Cleopatra’ to a pop-capsule project, ‘Ringing in your Ears’ – THE GLAMOUR. However, there comes a time of the night that words get harder to string together, and you feel the need to escape to a darkened room where bass sizzles your heart and your ears ring so loud talking is just not an option. Dave Kerr.

Introducing; The Techno Tomb Room.

Yep, you heard me. TECHNO. TOMB. ROOM. Set up for the scaldy ones (me), H&G ask you to come into this tomb and pay a moments silence to the dead by throwing absolute shapes. Join us by raising your can of warm Tesco larger, and let go one last time before entering into 2019. The first DJ we are proud to introduce to this filthy room is the wonderful, Dave Kerr. After travelling overseas with us to NYC’s ‘House of Yes’, we think you deserve to see this sever talent.
DJ Dave Kerr

H&G’s Interview with Dave Kerr:

We caught up with Dave to have a quick chat before the night’s mayhem begins. He is an absolute gent and we are seriously excited for you to all get to experience the indescribable buzz in any room he gets to play to.
1. What should the H&G family expect from your DJ set?
Honestly, I am buzzed for my new years Eve set! Although I play lots of gigs which genres vary pending on the night, I rarely get the opportunity to go full on the techno, which is my absolute favourite! To put it simply, I’m gonna bleedin’ wreck the gaff.
2. Have you ever heard, or experienced a H&G event?
I’ve been very lucky to be part of the H&G family this year, getting the chance to play within the family at the House of Yes in NYC, probably one of their biggest nights ever! The girls put their heart and soul into every single project they do. Their attention to detail and level of love at their gigs is unmatched. They have created a community of amazing people brought together by the love of music and positive vibes!
3. What is the last track you played on Spotify?
I badly needed a musical hangover hug in work during the week which consisted of these three tracks to give me a brief break from reality and drift away… followed by a 12-hour shift.

4. What was your highlight performance of 2018?
Playing in House of Yes in NYC was unbelievable, like proper rock star shit. Even if one day I make it ‘big’ and I was flying all over the world playing major venues, the magic of that trip will still make it to my number 1 performance. I also came back with a new family, which is just the best feeling ever.
I can’t not mention another highlight which was performing in the National Concert Hall with the Contempo string quartet. We played a fusion of live electronic sounds and classical string pieces. It was pretty cool to be representing underground music and bringing it to ears that otherwise may not hear it. Here’s the link for the recording!
5.Worst/ most gas experience playing live? (eg. Gemma Collin’s falling on stage)
I’ll always remember when I was starting out, I somehow managed to get a slot in the Wright Venue. I was playing a genre I wasn’t particularly comfortable with, but you just take all the gigs you can at that early stage. My mixing was horrific. I remember at one point having the end of groove Armada – shaking that ass on loop for about 2 minutes, id say it sounded like shite – I wanted to walk into the sea.
However, I learned a massive amount about mixing and how to use some master in headphones on big rigs from that one gig. It also thought me how to deal with a failure and continue on, preparation etc… In this business you can only learn from making mistakes really, so it’s part of my journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
6. Which artists in Ireland are catching your eye at the minute?
It sounds bias but, I’m lucky enough to work in a studio alongside some seriously talented producers. Niall Dunne, aka Pineal Navigation, is hands down one of the best producers around. He can make tracks up 150 bpm and they sound Incredible, seriously! Delicious beats married with pads that just glue it all together. The man’s work ethic is ridiculous and I guarantee no one is working harder and wants it more than him. Inspiring. Heading to Berlin on Tuesday to watch him blow the roof off the mighty Tresor, the first of many I’m sure.
My other studio buddy is Conan Wynne, one half of CONTOUR. Again, just a flipping genius. He is an information and tech junkie and the techniques he uses to shape sounds are just incredible. He’s currently building an ambisonic rig in the studio to produce in 3D and it’s just gonna change the game altogether. The contour tracks are absolutely Whopper, Check out this new track with a video made by conan as well…
7.  How do you plan to cure yourself on the 1st of Jan, 2019?
Realistically it’ll probably be the 2 of January! Pizza has never failed me, hurt me or made me feel bad. It doesn’t judge or ask for anything in return. It’s warm and soft, full of nourishment and love. It fills me with joy and hope that there may indeed be light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel… and Valium.
8. Gizzz a mix/song we can jive to before the night.
This is one of my recent Phever shows I really really enjoyed. Hour 1 has some lovely house and disco-type vibes, really love those tunes actually, then hour 2 is just straight up bangin’ techno!