Meet the DJ’s; Kelly-Anne Byrne x Tall Tales, The House of Kitsune

September 13, 2018 – News

Halloween is fast approaching, and in the land of H&G we are prepping all the ways we are going to spoil our attendees at Tall Tales, The House of Kitsune. The beauty of fright is a wonderful thing, so expect art instillation, surprises, boojee costumes and craic left right and center.

This year’s annual Halloween party has been set to celebrate femme power, because to be fair, we are whooper. Titled ‘The House of Kistune’ after the female Japanese fox, H&G want to further empower each and every women through a night mischievous fun.

To fully embody the nights theme of powerful women, H&G gathered the baddest bitches on the land and asked them to play the bangers for us!

Introducing, Kelly-Anne Byrne;


If you don’t know Kelly-Anne, you are clearly not in with the times. She is quite possibly, THE baddest bitch on the land. Yep, you heard me. H&G caught up with the lovely lady herself to ask a few questions, to get us excited for the big night ahead!
What should the H&G family expect from your DJ set?
Plenty of disco and lots of fun, Halloween is always one of the best nights of the year to play, I’m really looking forward to the party.
What did you dress up as last year for Halloween?
The nurse outfit Daryl Hannah wore in Kill Bill
What have you heard (or experienced) about H&G’s parties?
H&G parties are unique & innovative, the Veuve Cliquot Masquerade Ball at Body & Soul was great fun.
Last track you listened to on Spotify?

Any DJing highlights of this year so far?
I’d say playing at the Reckless In Love Stage with Mother at Body & Soul was up there with the best of them, the atmosphere was incredible.
Which musical artists are catching your eye in Dublin?
There are so many, it’s a great time for Irish music, I really like the Ships record Precession & New Jackson and I think Mango X Mathman are killing it at the moment on festival circles, they’re are a really strong live act.
What is your hangover go to? (Please choose wisely.)
A can of Coca-Cola, best hangover cure of them all.
Do you have a mix we can jive to, in anticipation for the big night?
Sure, this is my live set from New Year’s Eve at The Sugar Club last year