Meet The DJ’s; Caz9 x Tall Tales, House of Kitsune

September 4, 2018 – News

H&G have been scheming their favourite holiday of the year for some time now, HALLOWEEN. Honestly, there is nothing better than getting arty and shapeshifting into an altered version of yourself surrounded by beautiful, unashamed creative freaks!

This year’s annual Halloween party has been set to celebrate the female triumph of 2018. Titled ‘The House of Kistune’ after the female Japanese fox, H&G want to further empower the feminity of women through a night of organised chaos. To inspire all our attendees, we obviously needed some badass bitches on the decks, RIGHT?

Introducing, Caz9;

Hailed as the new ‘queen of electro-pop’ last year saw Caz9 explode onto the Irish scene with her debut EP ‘Phase II’. Made from scratch in her home studio, ‘Phase II’ was her introduction to the world – heavy beats, harmonies and a dreamscape of synths. Over the last year, Caz9 has played everywhere from Whelans to Electric Picnic, each show elevating her translation from bedroom to stage, every show incorporating her new music and testing her own boundaries as a performer and producer. Moving away from an all electronic live show, Caz9 has been working on taking her sound to the next level, incorporating her pop and hiphop roots into a new era. With some of the most dynamic live vocals you’ll experience on top of sick beats and sexy basslines, a Caz9 live set is one not to miss and will leave you feeling groovy as f**k. 

What should the H&G family expect from your DJ set?
I love taking people on a journey with me, and no set is ever the same! I move from hip-hop inspired beats to tech house vibes to pop feels – you can expect all original music, slow and sexy to warm and dancey with some live vocals in the mix!
What did you dress up as last year for Halloween?
I couldn’t tell you exactly what I was supposed to be, but I wore a see-through black leotard with a huge faux fur coat, giant pink hair and some really zombified eyes. Maybe I was channelling zombie Caz9 – it felt good to go to the dark side…….there was leather and there was lace.
What have you heard (or experienced) about H&G’s parties?
Playing at the halloween party last year was an incredible honour and an absolute trip – it was the first opportunity I’d had to go and I’d heard so many amazing things about it, I wasn’t disappointed! There were all these different areas with amazing artists of all kinds, not just music but art and theatre, and the atmosphere and decor was unreal (I expect nothing less from the H&G crowd!) basically a mini-festival within a party and loads of sounders. The dream!
Last track you listened to on Spotify?
Any DJing highlights of this year so far?
Performing at Body & Soul for the H&G Pagoda Stage Take over was a dream come true. It was probably the biggest crowd I’ve played my music to and the first time I performed at Body & Soul. Midnight on Sunday in the woods with hundreds of amazing festival peeps……it was super magical and I’m still reeling from the experience! The next day when I was a broken human, a group of girls in a car leaving the campsite stopped and said ‘Hey Caz9! – Your set was rapid last night!’ and then sped off – I was like, what is life?!!
Which musical artists are catching your eye in Dublin?
At the moment Dublin is just exploding with amazing new music, a whole wave of music making jumping out into the world. I’m really loving Elkae, No More Questions, and Animal Party to name a few.
What is your hangover go to? (Please choose wisely)
What a question!!! I’m a fiend for pizza I think it cures all hangovers, and must have pepperoni on it. Netflix obviously and lots of water/tea with honey – deffo does the job. Did I mention duvet day or does it go without saying?!
Do you have a mix we can jive to, in anticipation for the big night?
Absolutely! I just debuted a mini-mix of my instrumental tracks over on my soundcloud, you can catch it here:-I’m currently in the studio working on some new music to release over the next month or so, so keep your eyes peeled for the next phase of Caz9



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