Meet The DJ’s; Aimie (Le Boom) x Tall Tales, House of Kitsune

October 6, 2018 – News

H&G’s Haunted Mansion Festival is LOOMING! With all our acts and performances prepped and those tacky Halloween shops popping up all over the city, we are absolutely sweating for a dance dressed in the finest glamour, aren’t you?

With 2018 being a triumphant year for the ladies of Ireland, H&G wanted to focus the parties theme on the feminine, mischievous fox from Japanese folklore – Kitsune. The legends tell us that this fox has supernatural abilities; she can create fire, give life and spin illusions so close to reality that she haunts your dreams – sounds like any Irish Qween, right?

To further honor how deadly the women if our island is, H&G have put together a line-up of the baddest bitches on the land. Can I get a YAAAAAS?

Introducing; Aime Mallon (Le Boom)



Aimie Mallon is one half of the electro pop duo LE BOOM, having played several shows across Ireland, as well as internationally in New York and Reykjavick. With passion running deep for techno she will be treating us to an electric new DJ set she has been working on. Here live performances are filled to the rafters with high energy, she will surely having you buzzing across the dance floor!


What should the H&G family expect from your DJ set?
This set will be much heavier to my usual sets so I am very excited. Expect heavy sounds with lots of groove.
What did you dress up as last year for Halloween?
I actually can’t remember what I did last halloween. I know, it’s terrible! But I know I didn’t dress up unfortunately.
What have you heard (or experienced) about H&G‘s parties?
I’ve heard great things, it should be an eventful night to say the least!
Last track you listened to on Spotify? Keep the funk by FJAAK

Any DJing highlights of this year so far?
Would have to be Heineken stage at Electric Picnic. Such a good buzz.
Which musical artists are catching your eye in Dublin?
Huge fan of Mix & Fairbanks. Absolutely love the lad’s tunes. Play them regularly in my sets.
What is your hangover go to? (Please choose wisely.)
It has to be a fry with loads of tea and orange juice. Only way.
Do you have a mix we can jive to, in anticipation for the big night?
I don’t. Need to get on the recording buzz for my sets. You’ll just have to come along to have a listen now! Haha