Love is in the Air: Love Supreme

February 12, 2015 – Cafe culture, Food & Drink

Love is in the air in Stoneybatter,  in a bright, clean and cozy little shop front popped up on a busy main road in D7: Love Supreme, I recently stopped in to chat with Katie, one of the owners, for a coffee and a chat.

Katie and her partner call this wee coffee haven home, they met in a cocktail bar in Sydney no so many moons ago. Passionate about coffee, and inspired by the popular café culture back in Australia, they moved to Ireland and ventured to places like Established in Belfast; Roasted Brown, Coffee Angel, and 3fe in Twisted pepper (at the time) to gather local inspiration about the future of café culture on this wee emerald isle.

Determined to keep it simple but really focus on something quite specific they planned on creating a product of their own. And Love Supreme was born; you can tell just by walking into the place that attention to detail is paramount. And that it is as much about the experince as it is about the coffee. It feels like a simple space, almost like a gallery and on exhibition, a fine selection of coffee tools, beans and of course a place to procure a wonderful brew, and perhaps have a nibble of something sweet as they stock wildflower baked goods on the regular.


I can tell by talking to Katie she is absolute besotted with what she does, the environment she has created, and her love for coffee is charismatic to say the least. Love Supreme are determined to bring you a simple, quality product/experience. With a heavy focus on going above and beyond “Fair-trade” with their beans, in fact Katie told me that “fair-trade” can at times be misleading and that the middle man in these agreements often cut corners leaving it not so “fair-a-trade” for the farmers. At Love Supreme they cut out the middlemen and deal with the farmers directly providing them with better deals for their beans and creating a person-to-person relationship. In turn producing quality beans and long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

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Being a bit of a coffee noob myself, I ventured to ask Katie a few interesting facts about coffee, and processes, I thought it might be enjoyable to know…


Why are coffee’s getting smaller?

They are not getting smaller as much as they are getting less diluted, in order to emphasise the flavor of the bean, as there are different notes to different beans.

Why is so special about aeropress coffee?

This is a relaxed coffee, one that you would drink over a period of time. When the coffee is made it tastes better the longer it is left to linger after the initial brew.

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Its seems Love Supreme is on a roll in its newfound home in Stoneybatter, and visitors are not just from the local area, those from further afield are making the travel to this caffeine safe house. And why wouldn’t they? The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is inviting, and the coffee is beautiful.


Keep your eyes peeled these guys will be getting their wine license soon. And did any one say gourmet pies? they are all over it. Hopefully they’ll be serving a mouth watering selection very soon.


Words: SBK Fox

Photos courtesy of Love Supreme