June’s Event Guide: What Not To Miss In Dublin This Month!

June 4, 2018 – Culture

June is here, and the sun is OUT and ready to give you the vitamin D. We at H&G have compiled a list of the gorge events of what not to miss throughout one of the sunniest months of the year. SUN = CANS = CRAIC.



1) RuPaul’s Drag Race – Werq the World

WHERE? Olympia Theatre

WHEN? Sat, June 2nd

$? €55 (worth every cent)


“WERQ your world” in OUTtv’s Official World Tour! Hosted by Michelle Visage with drop-dead performances by Detox, Kim Chi, Shangela, Violet Chachki and Season 9 stars Peppermint, Sasha Velor and Trinity Taylor! Can you dealllll.

WERQ, WERQ, WERQ, huh, huh, hunni.

Tickets can be found here.

Ru Paul's Drag Race Poster - Things To Do In Dublin - June


2) VHI Women’s Mini Marathon

WHERE? Across Dublin City

WHEN? 3rd June 2018

$? €23

Every year, VHI Women’s Mini Marathon shut down the roads across Dublin for an amazing cause. Over 35,000 women participated each year, running, walking and waltzing across Dublin City.

Join and raise money for VHI! Plus, the summer bod’ needs a helping hand.

All the information you need is here.

VHI Womens Mini Marathon - Things To Do In Dublin - june


3) RTE Concert Orchestra presents ‘Babe’

WHERE? National Concert Hall’

WHEN? Sunday, June 3rd

$? €15/€30

BRING THE TISSUES LADS, the RTE Concert Orchestra are presenting a live score to the movie ‘Babe’.

This may be the most emotional night of the year.

“That’ll do pig, that’ll do.”


Snatch your tickets here.

Babe - Things To Do In Dublin - june



4) Purple Rain – Prince 60th Birthday Dedication

WHERE? Sugar Club

WHEN? June 7TH

$? €12.50

Ever since his royal purpleness passed away the world has been in mourning for Prince’s fiery guitar licks and mysterious music-making style. As an artist, he inspired a folklore all of his own makings, lighting up screens and stages alike.

With the release in 1984 of Purple Rain, the dramatic music and fashion film extravaganza that introduced Prince to the silver screen, his influence grew beyond the arenas and record stores to a brand new generation. An instant classic, Purple Rain tells the story of The Kid, a young musician looking to make it with his band, The Revolution. Cue a familiar tale of band tensions and rivalries, alongside some dark love stories.


Prince - Things To Do In Dublin - june


5) Dublin Yoga and Vegan Festival 2018

WHERE? Trinity College

WHERE? 10th June

$? €4

Yoga & vegan food is a match made in heaven, right?

The first festival of its kind arrives in the grounds of Trinity College this summer, giving you and your pals no excuse but to nourish your mind, body and soul.

Expect beautiful and handsome yogis stretching out around the college all day, numerous meditation sessions, workshops and talks, as well as a variety of stalls serving healthy and delicious vegan food.

NAMASTE, bitch.


Yoga & Vegan fest - Things To Do In Dublin - june

6) Haim

WHERE? Olympia Theatre

WHEN? Tue 12 June 2018

$? Loads.

If you haven’t heard that Haim are coming to town, you my friend, do not deserve a ticket.

Am I being too harsh? Sorry, it’s just I was up 9a.m when tickets went on sale, ready to spend my food shop money, and they were gone in SECONDS. I mean S E C O N D S. It is going to be the hottest, most intimate gig of the year with their new album ‘Something To Tell You’. If you see someone selling it, BLOODY BUY IT AND GO.

I may need to facetime you throughout the concert though, k?




WHERE? Berlin, D2

WHEN? 15th June




We are back this month, for your fill of our Berlin take over with Hot House! This month we will be EMANCIPATING OUR SWEET SELVES.

After the success of the YAAAAS vote, we will be celebrating our freedom with sweaty, delicious beats.

Join us, PrYmary Colours, Reveller, Jus Damien and our special guest Ciaran Fitz.

Our aim is to bring you an atmosphere of love, joy and blissful bopping around on a dance floor, in great company. Leave your troubles at the door, check in your emotional baggage, and meet us on the dance floor. We want to send you home sweat dripping, covered in glitter and smiling from ear to ear.

We will also be celebrating the coming of Body & Soul Festival at the end of the month, so come and catch out sets before we make our way to the most magical festival of the year! Over an electric mix of live music and djs bringing you a soundscape of house, disco, 90s and just down right feel good grooves. We want you to liberate and surrender yourself to this sweet musical revolution.

Hot House will always provide a platform for the seeds of music to grow in Dublin, and a space for people to connect and create. Come out from behind your screens and feel the real feels, face to face, embrace to embrace.

Hot House - Things To Do In Dublin - june


8) Tiga

WHERE? District 8

WHEN? 15th June

$? €16.64 – €22.18

Electronic music fans, you are in for a treat! The Montreal-born DJ and producer Tiga is coming to play an intimate show at District 8 – SESSSSSH.

Alongside being one of the hottest DJ’s, Tiga is the creator of Turbo Recordings, and produced some tunes including Peter Benesch’s Soundtrack Saga to Christopher Handlebar’s To a Time of Asia. He’s also released some of his own work – Mixed Emotions and American Gigolo – to name just a few of the more than 20 albums, 2 samplers, and 12 vinyl twelve-inches that have come out of Turbo since its inception in 1998.

Famously gig-shy, this debut performance at Dublin’s District 8 will be your rare chance to check out Tiga’s considerable electronic chops live, so don’t miss it.

Get tickets here.

Tiga - Things To Do In Dublin - june



9) Colour Dash Dublin –

WHERE? Phoenix Park

WHEN? 17th June

$? €5 – €30

Do you find jogging boring? Do you need the extra push to get that sxc summer bod?

FEAR NOT – The Colour Dash is here!

Suitable for both, gym buffs and coach potatoes (me), this 5km across Phoenix Park will be gas craic for all and supports the Irish Cancer Society. After each kilometre complete, you will be showered with beautifully bright coloured paint to make you look extra gorge. It’ll hide your sweaty self, and leave you and your newly found summer bod a work of art, literally.

Tickets can be found here.

Colour Dash - Things To Do In Dublin - june

10) 2FM Live with Jenny Greene and RTÉ Concert Orchestra

WHERE? Energia Park Stadium, Dublin

WHEN? 21st March

$? €49.50

I remember it like it was yesterday, when Jenny Greene and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra graced the stage of the Rankin’s Wood festival at Electric Picnic, everyone lost their shit like Britney in 2007 – literally crazy.

The set saw Greene spinning classic pop, dance, and rock music as the orchestra crafted arrangements to accompany familiar hits. I struggle to think of a better combination of musical elements. Robert Miles’ ’90s classic Children, and Faithless’ Insomnia were just a sample of the kind of classic cuts that Greene dug out of her record bag in a show that was inspired, in part, by the Ibiza Proms which took place in the Royal Albert Hall in 2015.

Having repeated the trick at the 3Arena in November of 2016, Jenny and the RTÉ Concert Orchestra are back together for a special summer gig at Donnybrook Stadium this June. Set to be the best summer vibes of the season with the constant bangers.








11) Dublin’s Gay Pride.

WHERE? All across the gorge city

WHEN? 30th June


It’s that time of year again, get out the glitter, the rainbows, the saucy outfits and walk with PRIDE.

This year’s theme is titled ‘We Are Family’, to allow our community embrace and celebrate each other with open, loving arms. Listen to speeches and soak in the entertainment which will begin at midday at Stephen’s Green before the parade embarks on its route at 2pm.

So y’all better be ready to werk this city, OKAY?

To find out more gorge info, click here.

Gay Pride - Things To Do In Dublin - june


12) Body & Soul – The Pagoda Stage H&G Take Over

WHERE? Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath

WHEN? 24th June


Yes, you heard us, we are taking over the most beautiful stage nestled within the forest of Body & Soul on Sunday Night – THE PAGODA STAGE.

H&G are going to be serving some high festival fashion, glitz & glam, with PrYmary Colours, Caz9 and Reveller to draw the most beautiful festival to a close. Get on your finest fashion bits on, and join us and the creative misfits of Dublin in a safe and loving space to loosen up and be whoever you desire.

Let go of the past, and dance into the future with us for the last moments of Body & Soul.

There are still a few tickets left here.

Pagoda Stage - Body & Soul - Things To Do In Dublin - june