Interview with Multi-talented Dj ‘Reveller’

October 20, 2017 – Festivals, Music

Interview by Leanne Brady

When did you start djing? How did you get into djing?

Music has always played a huge part in my life when I was growing up my house was full of music. My parent’s music tastes are eclectic, so I was exposed to many genres which influence my work. I got into DJing when I was 12 in my Local Youth Club in the North Inner City. I learned the basics, got a few gigs doing teen discos and fun days. When I graduated from school I began working in promotions for events, while also working at some of the underground parties in the early hours of the morning. It was intimidating, looking at the DJ’s and trying to find the bottle to put myself out there and using my connections to get a spot for myself. A friend of mine Ste O’Neil was playing the Workman’s Club upstairs on a Sunday night and asked me did I want to hop on the decks for a bit. I bit the bullet and played some Hip Hop, 80’s and 90’s classic for the best part of an hour. After that, I went off and bought myself a set of decks and started gigging.


What’s the inspiration behind ‘Reveller’?

‘Reveller’ was a name given to me at a difficult time in my life. It wasn’t meant in a positive way, so I decided to take it and make it my own. By turning it into something positive, it’s a way of acknowledging my past but also letting it lead me into the future.



What were the biggest challenges you faced when you began?

Self-confidence was an issue, facing so many no’s and finding the persistence to continue, to get me out there was tough. Eventually, it paid off I played at some savage venues, The Lost Society, The Turks Heads, The Hub to name a few. I started playing at the underground parties I was helping to run and before I knew it I was playing ALT, The Button Factory, The Twisted Pepper and the Academy. I loved the after parties, I could run amok and play whatever I wanted.


What’re your favorite genres to play?

I like to play most styles of House music, mixing them together to create something new. Lately, I’ve been getting more into relaxing and uplifting house, which I am looking forward to playing for you guys at the Tall Tales Festival.



Do you produce your own music? if not would this be something you’d like to do in the future?

I have dabbled, but it is something I definitely want to look into in the future.

As a performer and attendee what has been the most memorable gigs?

The most memorable gig I’ve been to was with your very own Sinead from Hunt and Gather. We went to see Modeselektor in The Button Factory after they just dropped the album Monkey Town, it was unreal.

 Who are your biggest inspirations?

Modeselektor is definitely up there alongside Boys Noize, Faithless, The Subs and bands like Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Jackson Browne.


 What has been your favorite H&G Event that you’ve attended?

That is a tough question! It would have to been any of the Moxie Studio Events, the girls know how to throw a party,


What’s the cheesiest song that you love to listen to?

Alphabeat – Fascination. Who doesn’t love some good Danish pop music.

Describe your set in three words for the H&G Tall Tales event?

Ambient, Chill and Uplifting.