Interview with Jus Damien and Santos Reeves Co-Founders of Momentum Musik

May 16, 2017 – Culture, Gigs, Sound

We are super excited to catch up with Damien and Santos of Momentum Musik this week before their debut event this Saturday in the Tara Buildings. They are taking intimate, quality music events to the next level….

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you guys and what is Momentum?

Momentum started about 2 years ago in Barcelona, where Damien and I began talking about the music we were listening to, record labels we follow, and projects we had been involved up to that point.  For the last year and a half, I have been working in the studio on my last two EP’s as a producer. For both, music is at the center of everything we do, so aiming at establishing ourselves as promoters was a natural thing to do.

Momentum Musik 002

Can you tell us a little bit about the event on Saturday and what people can expect?

We are very excited about bringing someone like Marc Piñol to Ireland. He is one of the top DJ’s out there at the moment and plays regularly across the best locations in Spain, Germany, and the UK. We both love what he does as a producer with Hivern Discs, along with John Talabot. May 20th will be a very special night, expect great music and a very nice crowd and all up the great vibe of a new/fresh project in Dublin.  

On the art side of things, we will have visuals curated by Patricio Cassinoni (who has exhibit projects such as “Floating” and “Only one” across Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin) and Hector Castells (Barcelona-based music journalist and author of the book “Sideral”, about Aleix Vergés one of the most influential Spanish DJ’s of the 90’s).   

Last but not least, we are delighted to have just confirmed Maggie-Rose. She will be playing a set along with Momentum DJ’s. The young Irish DJ has been very busy playing in Ireland and abroad over the last couple of years and has great taste for the very best House and Techno. 

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What sets Momentum apart from other promoters in Dublin?

There are already a lot of great promoters in Ireland, so we are just trying to do our own thing with Momentum. We want to provide a platform across different independent venues/art studios to promote a mix of well-established electronic producers/ labels from Berlin and Barcelona as well as showcasing new and upcoming producers from the electronic Irish Scene. We aim at leveraging contacts over in Spain, and Berlin to export some of the great talent we see in the Irish electronic music scene as well.


What’s your inspiration/motive for putting on such an event/collective?

Our inspiration comes from the clubs and festivals we have been to like DKMNTL, De School, Berghain, Convenanza and the new music/art and people we encounter every day. 

The Tara Building is an amazing new space and a perfect fit for the event, what are your thoughts on space in Dublin?

The Tara Building is a brilliant venue and we are delighted to be hosting Piñol in it. There are also a lot of other great venues in Dublin like District8/Hanger and Index. We would like to see more spaces attain licenses to open on a 24hr basis over the weekend, to be honest, or even extended opening times. It works well in other cities around Europe. It enables promoters and attendees to have a more balanced approach to the weekend without having to cram your evening into 4 hours. For example, you can finish work at 7 am on a Sunday morning in Berlin and go to see your favorite Dj play for a couple of hours and then head home for lunch or a BBQ or whatever. The freedom works and hopefully will be an option in Dublin soon. 


What are your future plans for Momentum?

We have Andre Bratten booked to play live this summer. We plan to have a light show and installation to accompany his performance. Bratten is part of the music scene in Oslo that is on fire recently. Keep an eye on our Facebook / Instagram or Website for info! We also want to run events in Barcelona where we have a lot of contacts and hopefully Berlin in the near future.

Have a listen to Santos Reeves H&G mix to get you in the mood for this weekend! 

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