Interview With Mark William Logan on Upcoming Exhibition DIVERSE

July 19, 2017 – Art, Culture, design, People, Sound


Where did you start before Photography?

I went to DCU for a few years, I started off studying Business and that thought me a lot about commercializing art and how to navigate myself.  I was playing Professional football for St Pat’s in Inchicore, I had some amazing experiences I got to play Europa league and go to Iceland, a lot of amazing shit! But I wanted it to still be apart of my life but I wanted to start focusing on other things that I was really interested in.  


Did you find that playing Football was taking up a lot of you time?

I wanted to focus on the other things that were more fulfilling to me. Football can be your whole life you know Football Moths and Gucci wash bags like cool that’s great I can relate to that but there’s also a lot of other stuff that I’m really into.


So after Football moths and Gucci wash bags where did you go from?

I was working for a creative agency called Modern Green, I was doing a lot of their Heineken Live Music stuff and then they offered me a full-time job, so I was the account manager for Heineken Live Music Ireland. That lead me onto Commercial and then the Creative side.


Did you find working for a large brand was at times restricting creatively?

Yeah totally, I wanted to stop compromising myself for big brands and start doing it on my own and having full creative control. I did some great things with Heineken the last thing I worked on with them was Heineken Sound Atlas, we ideated that with the Marketing Director of Heineken and some creative agency teams and then I left to move to L.A and that kind of blew it open for me to start expressing myself creatively.


So when did you start Photography?

About four years ago, I fell in love with film very early but I think everyone kind of got into Photography through Instagram in a weird way, it really made people think about taking photos and for me, there was never enough intention in it. I saw that people were using it for social cache and it was more of a superficial thing and for me, the medium of photography is more pure than that, you’re trying to convey an idea or like a connection a moment or an experience.


Tell me about how you developed your skill set in Film Photography?

When I moved over to L.A I met two Canadian dudes that worked for  LAB Magazine who became really dear friends of mine, who are two of my biggest influences. Justin Tyler Close would’ve thought me a lot about film and is one of my biggest inspirations.


I’ve read before that it’s important for your work to have a concept or narrative behind it, do you find today that apps like Instagram can change or distort the narrative?

Yeah, I think Instagram has a natural chronological narrative of this is what I’m doing right now, it’s very immediate, instant gratification you get instant likes it’s all about the short term wins. For me, I use it more as a portfolio. I do use it instantly for something like this, an interview or something I’m buzzing to post about but I don’t want to limit myself if it’s still dynamic enough.


Do you find that Travelling had an influence on your style and work?

Yeah, this is something I get asked about all the time because I shoot a lot of weird shit, people are like “So how is she totally naked and hanging from a tree?” Well she lived in Santa Cruz and we got stoned on campus one day, we went into the forest and there was a stream and we were both like fuck this we didn’t have any swimming togs so we had a swim in the stream and I had my camera with me so I find I just capture what I’m doing, I am a product of my own environment.


So the Exhibition Diverse how did that come to light?

I don’t think it’s something I came up with it was something that spoke to me, I came back after being in a whole host of different countries and cultures. I was thinking how am I going to curate all these images and I thought I don’t have to why don’t I pick the images that speak most to me and if people vibe with it that’s cool. I was feeling a lot of resistance to change and a lot of fear towards things that people didn’t understand and for me whenever I didn’t know or understand something, I felt there was something to learn from difference. For me Diversity is a strength and is something we should embrace, it’s something we should never fear or try control.


Here in Ireland who do you admire or are inspired by?

There’s a lot of great things going on in Dublin, Ellius Grace would be someone who I think has a fantastic eye and is great at blending art and photography. I’m really inspired by the youth, Dylan Kerr is someone that I look at his work and think he’s not giving a fuck and putting out stuff that he thinks is great and I admire that.


So can you give me a synopsis of the exhibition what can people expect?

The idea behind the exhibition is to make people question and feel something. I wanted to have it in a space where diversity converges organically. As far as the message goes I’ve created a two-hour soundscape of mad sounds, I’ve 9 hours of recordings of the Amazon and voicemails from my nanny. I want people to go in and not take their phones out for the first half hour and just walk around and feel something and questions things.