An Interview with Dublin Based Dj Luka Kolona

September 25, 2017 – Festivals, Festivals, Music
Interview By Leanne Brady

When did you start djing? 
I bought my first set up when I was 16, then played my first club gig when I was 17.


What has been your most memorable night as a Dj? and as an attendee?
 Most memorable as a DJ probably was playing to a few thousand in the forest rave at Techno & Cans during BD fest a few years back. 


As a punter, there are way too many nights that come to mind. I’d have to say  the set I enjoyed the most is when we hosted Loefah off Swamp 81 in twisted pepper basement it was a really nice change of pace with majority of bookings at that time being all 4×4.
Whats your opinion on the club scene in Dublin? Do you think it’s progressing?
There’s no denying it has developed vastly in the years gone by but the same downsides/issues with our industry still have not been addressed which is holding us back, unfortunately.


 If you could change anything about the club scene in Dublin what would it be?
The closure of bigger clubs could be a positive change to our scene. I think it will incentivize smaller collectives to involve themselves again in throwing local parties again.


Who inspires you?
Mostly the local DJs and producers who have been putting in Hard graft since the beginning. Some of the artists I’ve always had huge respect for would be the likes Jon Hussey / Doug Cooney / Niall Dunne / Donal Mooney / Frank Sweeney / Lumigraph / Nathan Jones /Lee Kelly / Jamie Behan /  & many more . These are some of the best DJs & live acts who live in our country but dont play out as often as they should due to issues with our scene.


What is one track that never gets old no matter how many times you hear it?
Has to be Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow it’s the best record ever made in my opinion.


If you could be eternally stuck in one year’s music scene, which would it be?
Sounding very cliche here but it’s probably the 90’s for me a lot of the music I have in my collection is from the breakbeat/rave era.