Internet Woes 1

July 3, 2015 – Culture


Internet Woes is a series by Jessica Rooney Deane about the trials and tribulations of modern life online.

It will be published fortnightly on Fridays, and can be viewed from the beginning here on the Internet Woes page.



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For this paper cut for the ‘Internet Woes’ series, I started it off by quickly sketching it and then making a more detailed sketch. Then I usually scan it in and work it up into shapes on my laptop, but this time I decided to free cut all the shapes as it’s really interesting to do it this way as you can reshape and experiment with the design more until your happy with the final piece. After judging up and cutting all the piece, I put them altogether in the layout I wanted and added the detailed line work. I then photographed the piece and added the digital features such as the clock numbers and the shine coming from the phone. The type is also done by hand and scanned in, and then I place it on the piece of work. I then added all the finishing pieces such as the logo, which is also hand lettered and cut to look like an enter key on a keyboard, and then it’s done.