July 15, 2014 – Style
Functionality is important when it comes to many things, especially in the home. Inside the walls of Industry lives new, old and recycled goods. Vanessa Mac Innes speaks with Hunt & Gather.

Your background started in Sociology & Information studies then you progressed to Interior design. At what point did you realise your initial studies wasn’t for you? As this is a common occurrence in many people who don’t have the courage to change their career path. Can you explain how you came to this decision?

I knew by the end of my second year that Sociology wasn’t for me but felt I was too far in to give it up! After I finished college, I worked for a bit before going travelling for 6 months. It was when I was away that I decided to go back and do interior design.


Industry is four years old this June (Happy Birthday!). What has Industry’s journey been like thus far since opening in Temple Bar to now having shop number two on Drury Street?

Industry’s journey has been a roller coaster! I opened Industry in June 2010 with great enthusiasm but very little retail experience. My first year as a retailer was interesting, I learnt some hard lessons but every bump in the road made both myself and the business stronger. The small Temple Bar store allowed me to both learn on the job and grow the business slowly over a couple of years. The small store was a stepping stone but I always had much bigger plans for Industry. My brother Marcus and now business partner has been an advisor to Industry from the onset and came on board full time as the MD in early 2013. It was at that point that we began looking for a larger space that would allow us to grow the business and add a food element. We found our new home on Drury street last summer and opened the doors on the ground floor with our retail offering in October last year. We have exciting plans for the rest of the building and are due to open our deli next month!


You not only stock industrial furniture, you offer evolving collection goods. Name your favourite country to hand-pick in.

We bring in items from all over the world from Europe, the States and even Japan. I love France and Belgium for vintage items and Japan and the states for handmade ceramics and textiles.


Any tips for those trying to source rare second hand items?

Sourcing rare items can be hard work, especially if you have something specific in mind. The internet can be your best friend when searching for a particular item. Traipsing through markets and second hand shops is time consuming and you may never find what you are looking for but you have a better chance online! If you are just looking for something a little different or special but are open minded then looking in shops such as ours is a good starting point.


Care to elaborate more on Industy’s hire service?

We rent items out for various events such as photo shoots, filming, corporate events, weddings etc. The cost varies depending on the length of time you need the items for but it can be a great way to add some individuality to your event if you are unable to by buy the goods outright.


I’m the type of person who sees crates on the side of the curb like a person sees shiny shoes on a shop window. Crates have become extremely popular as functional homeware items. Name your 3 favourite uses for a crate.

I think crates can be used in most places in a home but if I was to give you three suggestions I would say:

1/ Use similar sized crates stacked on top of each other as a book shelf or storage unit (If they are unsteady tie them together at the back with black cable ties or secure them to the wall)

2/ Hang a shallow crate on its side (as a shelf) in the bathroom to display nice bathroom items

3/ A large deep crate in good condition can be used upside down as a low bedside table or next to a sofa to put a lamp on.

Something I am really intrigued to know… are you a hoarder?

YES, unfortunately I am! Our house is always very clean, tidy and well-presented but behind the closed cupboard and wardrobe doors you couldn’t fit another pin into any of them. I am getting better though and have had some serious clear outs in the last couple of weeks!

Vanessa + Marcus Taste 2014

Words: Seana Henry

Photography: Richie Mooney