H&G’s Midas Touch // Introducing, ÆMak

November 26, 2018 – News
The wind and the rain has officially arrived. I’m sorry, but it is simply not cute. I’m absolutely soaked writing this, serving the literal definition of Les Miserables. The only thing that is keeping my sanity in line is the thoughts of the NYE event we are organising for you; MIDAS TOUCH, The Golden Palace Party. Yep, you heard me – GOLD! Æ MAKStart buying your glitter lads (biodegradable if possible x), because we are honouring the stunning queen who became king in ancient times, Nefertiti. 
To celebrate this queens rein, we felt the need to pack out the line-up with the baddest bitches of our land. Let me ask you this: when you think of Cleopatra, who comes to mind? If you said, Aoife McCann from Æ Mak, then you are in fact, correct. If you didn’t – you MUST check this Goddess out. 


Who are Æ MAK?

In the beginning, Aoife McCann (Æ MAK) created a vision of an otherworldly landscape on which she could escape to and perform. An energy inspiring primitive vocal rhythms, off the cuff melodic hooks, and lyrical content formed from the sound of the vocal metre.
From dreams to dreamscapes, with producer Daniel McIntyre (lullahush), Æ MAK has honed the soundtrack to that vision. This year saw the independent release of three single projects of experimental art pop, ‘Glow’, ‘Love Flush’ and ‘Too Sad to Sing’, which have received support from the likes of BBC Radio 6, Radio X, Earmilk and The Line of Best Fit whilst the likes of Hot Press and Nialler9 have shouted praise for earlier singles, including ‘I Walk’, recently featured in the Katie Taylor documentary, ‘Katie’.
The all-consuming energy of Æ MAK’s performance enraptures the audience. The primitive vocal rhythms and infectious melody sail a dark sea of electronica. As a visual artist, the stage show allows Æ MAK’s artistic vision to come to life in real time, drawing elements of the themes and choreography from her self-directed music videos. Distilling a range of emotional and artistic influences, Æ MAK experiments on the borderlines of pop, continuing to build and inhabit her other world. And once you visit, you’ll probably want to move there. 


What should the H&G family expect from your set? 
Cleopatra up in flames.
Have you ever heard, or experienced a H&G event?
Have heard some wild stories, things that shouldn’t be repeated. Still don’t know if I’m ready, but I’m there.
What is the last track you played on Spotify? 

What was your highlight performance of 2018? 
We played an intimate show in Hackney in September. Only about 60 people in a really small venue. It was pretty intense. I get a big kick out of that. 
Worst/ most gas experience playing live? (eg. Gemma Collin’s falling on stage)
I kicked the mic stand off the stage in the Tivoli last week into someone’s chest. ffs. To be fair, I did hoist her back up as smooth and slick as possible. The mic lead, not the lady. 
Which artists in Ireland are catching your eye at the minute? 
I’m a massive fan of Spies and Just mustard. Honestly, JM’s album ‘Wednesday’ is on repeat. 
How do you plan to cure yourself on the 1st of Jan, 2019? 
Just gonna wash myself in my own tears. 
Can you show us a piece of you?