H&G’s Glam Guide to the Festival Season

June 12, 2018 – News

Festival season is upon us, and we at H&G are welcoming it with open arms. Each year, we try to prep ourselves by reading EVERY ‘top tips’ or ‘festival hacks’ blogs we can find. They are grand like, but literally all the same… We get it, bring a big tent, bog roll, phone chargers. We wanted more – the gas hacks, gorge ideas. So we compiled the glam list of all festival lists.

I hope you are ready lads, your festival experience is about to change forever. You will be that festival goer that everyone says “OMG, that’s so clever! I am SO doing that next year”.


1) Makeshift ambient tent lighting with milk cartons.

If you are like me, you love ending the night with a lil catch up of the crazy events that happened throughout the night with your bestie before bed. However, the lack of light can make it hard to keep the sesh going. Keep her lit with a makeshift milk carton light.

Good vibes all round just before bed – and will be handy when you can’t find your phone in the tent @ 5 a.m – nightmare.




2) Get a Big Obnoxious Flag for your Tent

You regular festival goers will 100% have experienced searching for your tent in the dark. The sesh plays enough mind games alongside, with added darkness making the job impossible. I genuinely have unzipped someone’s tent to find them waking up screaming. If you are reading, I’m so sorry. Mortified.

SO, GET CREATIVE AND MAKE A FLAG. Get your festival buddies over before the 3-day binge and paint a work of art with your festival tribe name. It can get the excitement flowing for the fest, and an excuse for a few pre-festival drinks.

BTW, ‘The Glitter Tits’ tribe name is taken – soz x

Festival Flag



3) Glam Camping Shoes

I can’t emphasise this point enough; wet feet at a festival is the worst possible outcome.

Fear not my beauties. I have found you shoes that promote warm feet, and glamorous camp life.



Festival Boots


4) Festival Get Up To Keep You Warm & Dry.

I wasn’t going to bring you in on our biggest festival secret, but to continue with the horror of being cold at a festival (yes, I am cold-blooded), we at H&G have come up with the ultimate solution to keep warm – very warm.


Yep, I know, I know. You be glam. You be warm. You be unique. You be beautiful.

They have loadzzzz at Dublin Vintage Factory, race you there.

Festival Vintage Ski-Suit


5) Glow in the Dark Bubbles.

You heard me, glow in the dark bubbles. You will be the coolest kid in the forest.

To make these you must buy highlighters and bubbles. Cut open your highlighters, pour the glowy goodness into the bubbles, and blow people away…. (do you see what I did there?)

Festival Glow in the dark bubbles


6) Chupa-Chups Lollipops.

Not only are these godsent lollies delicious, they are a perfect way to make friends.

You heard me correctly. Here’s the craic: buy a load of lollipops, store them in your bum-bag and when you meet a total stranger offer them a flavoursome chupa-chup. I mean, if that won’t make a friend for life, I don’t know what will. BE PREPARED TO BE POPULAR – OH HAI.


Festival Chupa Chups


7) Emergency Blanket

You know them silver blankets they give out at the emergency tent? THEY ARE SO WARM.

So here is what you NEED to do, buy some here and line the bottom of your tent with the gloriously warm material. You will be the most snug festival goer.

Sleep well my beauty.

Festival Blanket



8) Duct tape

Duct tape is a festival-goers best friend. Rip your tent? Duct tape. Hole in your shoes? Duct tape.  Friend talking too much? Duct tape.


Festival Duct Tape


9) Laminate a picture of a cute dog to gaze at while using Day 3 festival toilets.

You may think I’m crazy now, but festival toilets are NOT GLAM. On day 3, your phone will be dead, and the hangover will be crippling. For the few minutes you are in that portaloo, you need something to give you the strength to carry on.

Laminate a picture of a cute dog, and gaze into their eyes to forget your troubles. Fool proof, right?

Festival Portaloo


10) A festive eyepatch to cover the sesh and pink eye retrieved from portaloo.

The constant partying will wear you out, believe me. However, you must power through. Let know one see your struggle. Pop on a nifty eye-patch to cover the bags under your eye/ pink eye retrieved from the festival loos. It is the perfect distraction to allow you be seen as a hardcore, stylish festival goer. You will be gorge x

Festival Eye-Patch


10) Disposable outdoor toilets

Want to avoid the day 3 festival toilets and the pink eye which goes hand in hand? I HAVE THE PERFECT SOLUTION.

Presenting the ‘PLOO’ – the portable potty. I know, I know, amazing, right?

You basically sit on this amazing invention in your tent, do your biz, wipe the booty, and throw away the bag of wastage.

*WARNING – smell may linger in tent, so bring febreeze*

Festival Ploo

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. You should have no fear having a cosy tent, keeping warm, or pooing at any of your festival ventures. As always, you are so welcome.