H&G Music Mondays with Kiva Oates

May 24, 2018 – News

Welcoming to Kiva Oates to the H&G Music Monday’s!

This bad ass is a Waterford based DJ, sending waves up to Dublin on everything she is doing – we are DYING to see her live. ‘The Fear’, which is Kiva’s event will be hosting a BYOB, invite-only night to celebrate the voting being over – SLIDE INTO HER DM’S DER HUN x

If you have no luck, don’t fear – the beauty is playing on the 30th of June in the Central Arts, Waterford alongside Myler for SeemsLegit.

Here are Kiva’s top 5 tracks for this month – get your head ready for some bangin’.


Track 1 – Silky – Breeze ( Kiva Oates ambient acid remake )

This is a complete remake of Silky – Breeze made using Ableton live. This tune has an ambient feel to it while keeping that old skool acid vibe that I love.


Track 2 – Kiva Oates – Araneae

Araneae is my own production made using Ableton live. This one you’d definitely need a bottle of water with as it’s a banging old skool acid style tune.

The word Araneae is latin for spider too, which is great because I am terrified of them.


Track 3 – This is a mix I recorded live while on Phever FM, Dublin.

It’s a special one because it’s made up of tracks sent to me by Irish producers. This is a great mix as it’s a platform to showcase some of our unreal talent. I didn’t know what way I was going to mix any of these tracks, it’s completely on the spot.



Track 4 – promo mix I done to send to the collective AXXS.

The mix is probably my favourite that I made because it features tracks from my favourite artists such as Charlotte de Witte, Radial, Artefakt, Boston 168 and more. Its banging acid techno vibes so enjoy. The mix is named under The Fear as that’s the name of the collective of events, mix series and live steams I run myself.


Track 5 – Pale blue Dot

This isn’t my track of course but I think it deserves a feature as I just bought it on vinyl recently. It’s a gem and I can wait to play it at one of The Fear events soon




THANKS FOR THE BANGERS KIVA. Check all her bits out here;