H&G Creations x Body & Soul

June 19, 2018 – News

Veuve Clicquot
House of Rosé
Masquerade Ball
Veuve Clicquot Area
Walled Gardens
Body & Soul

Are you looking to escape your body and let your soul loose among the magical festival grounds? Join our Masquerade Ball.

For this year’s Masquerade ‘House of Rosé” we have collected some of the most strange and beautiful, fierce and fanciful souls from across our Emerald Isle to physically embody the innovative, charismatic and fearless nature of The Grand Dame of Champagne the one and only Madame the Veuve Clicquot. As we pay homage to this grand inventor and the 200th anniversary of her magical creation of all things sparkling and pink, Rosé Champagne! Come and join us for an experience like no other as we dress from head to toe in pink for a decadent evening, come see the world through Rosé tinted glasses with us!

Expect an evening of fancy dress, fun and frolics get lost in the walled gardens with us as we bring your some bubbly disco, house and feel good beats. Cheeky burlesque, spectacle, and many gifts and surprises to tickle the fancy of every guest!

Put on your most majestic pink attire and shapeshift into any character of your choosing, getting yourself into a little faceless mischief as we dance the night away mask to mask.

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