Get to Know Leading DJ Justyna Koss

October 4, 2017 – Festivals, Music

Interview by Leanne Brady

When did you First become interested in Djing?

I have been going to gigs for years & years so I got to know the music crowd and local DJs and just admired their skills. I really wanted to try it myself but I was way too intimidated as it was all guys who played and they were really good at it. When mates started hinting that the industry needed more female DJs, I decided to give mixing a go and so I bought a pair of technics to practice. That was about 3 years ago and since then I switched to cdjs and got really into it. A good friend of mine asked me to do a mixtape shortly after and that led to my first club gig in March 2016.

Who inspires you as a Dj?

I’m a big fan of Jeremy Underground, Mano Le tough, and Bicep who I’ve seen many times. I’m also very keen on Peggy Gou, The Black Madonna and Avalon Emerson, I just love their style.

I think we have plenty of talented DJs in Ireland and we can easily fill clubs and run solid festivals by just booking the local line up. I have danced to so many great sets by Irish collectives such as Bodytonic, Hidden Agenda, Subject, District8 crew, Melodic DJs and Eve and I have been incredibly privileged to play with few of them.

You’ve played so many festivals this year, which one has been you’re favorite and why?

I was insanely excited to play all of the festivals, hard to pick a favorite. The most memorable ones would be Life Festival as it was my first so I popped my festival cherry and of course Electric Picnic this year. It’s such a massive festival so I was quite nervous and it started raining just before my set but I luckily got a good crowd keen to dance and that made me very happy.


What has been the largest audience you’ve played to?

It was probably Longitude Festival this year in July. I played a 5 hour set at Bacardi bar and it was very busy throughout the day. I think there was circa 30,000 attending the festival each day.

Djing is a very competitive business what gives you an edge over the rest? 

Dublin is quite competitive as there are so many talented DJs out there keen to play. I try not to be pinned down to just one genre which allows me to get various bookings. I play in bars, clubs, and festivals anything from light funky disco to heavier house & techno sets.

What’s your favorite genre of music to play?  

I like playing all genres, it really depends on the venue, time slot, and current mood. Favourite one to play in a club or at a festival would be Deep Acidy House and Bangy Detroit Techno.

What’s you’re advice for someone starting out Djing?

It might get tough but keep at it and don’t give up even in times of doubt. Send mixes and approach promoters, go to gigs you want to play at, show your support, get involved and introduce yourself. Ask for advice from people in the industry and ones you admire.

Have you ever been to an H&G event? 

I went to your recent Black Glitter New Year’s Eve and Halloween party in The Rosedale Mansion, few pop up events and to Roller Disco a few years ago, that was so much fun!

I don’t know any other creative folk in Dublin that can put on shows like yours, from venue selection, art installations, to stage décor though music & artist bookings your events are just magical.

We can’t wait to have you play at our Tall Tales event, can you describe to us in three words what to expect from your set? 

Expect it to be mysterious, thrilling and banging- Just like your Halloween party.