Festival of Curiosity

July 18, 2016 – Culture, Events, Festivals

Curiosity- The desire to learn and know something. We all want to be in the know, right?


The Festival of Curiosity celebrates the intersection of art, science, technology and design and has quickly grown to be one of the most exciting and innovative festivals in Europe.

This year’s Festival of Curiosity is coming to its 6th year and here’s a list of some of the intriguing events to look out for…


Many of the events are sold out, but there is still limited tickets left, so I would hurry before they are all gone.



Hacking the Runway– Friday, July 22nd, Free Admission.

Imagine a world where your clothes regulate your body temperature, monitor your vital signs, and your necklace begins to glow when the sun goes down. Well, that’s exactly what might happen, come along to “Hacking the Runway” to find out more on how Fashion trends are changing infusing technology, design, engineers to create the future of fashion.




BBC Horizon Special Screening Sports Doping- Winning at What Cost + Q&A with Director and Producer Dr.Penny Palmer Booking Required. Location: Science Gallery Dublin. Saturday, July 23rd. 18.00

With the recent two-year ban from tennis, Maria Sharapova was on the list of many who have been caught for using drugs to enhance her performance. She is not the only one and most certainly won’t be the last. Join in at the special screening and see how these performance enhancing drugs affect the body over a course of time.


Neurobiphlia Garden- URBAN ESCAPE, The Atrium @Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. 21st-24th of July. 12.00-18.00

Nature is a powerful thing. Nature can completely change our moods, reduce anxiety and enlighten us to be our greatest selves. Join the Neurobiphlia Research Group and Dr. Tierney Thys where they will be exploring the response of our brains to being immersed in nature.




Lights Out. Dance on with Soda.Bread.Box. 1 Hour| No Lights | No alcohol | Funky tunes| Dance your socks off.

Film Base Curved Street, Temple Bar, July 21st 19.00- Over 18s

Just Dance Darling.




Curiosity Garden & Picnic with your Grandpals

Wood Quay Amphitheatre. Saturday, July 23rd. 12.00-17.30

Pack your picnic (and your wellies) and invite your grandpals for an outdoor play date with curiosity, giant bubbles, bangs & storytelling adventures.


So there you have a little glimpse what will be happening in Dublin during the Festival of Curiosity. Of course there are load more, which you can find out on their website. Have a wonderful weekend!