Extreme cool couple interview

September 11, 2014 – Cool couples
So delighted to be interviewing the infamous Przem and Les. They were kind enough to take the time to invite us into their cozy home in Stoney batter. A lovely house with just as much color and charisma as their owners. Lets get tucked in.
Who are you guys? Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what do you guys do?

Les: I’m an Artist. Drawing is what I love doing most in the world so I feel very lucky that I am able to do it as much as I can. I also work part time at Lilliput Stores, a beautiful artisan shop in Stoneybatter. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that time is far more important than money and keeping that balance is crucial to happiness.

Przem: I’m a music obsessed geek, über-nerd, list-making & blogging addict. Connoisseur of all things eclectic, kitsch & underground. Music collector, selector & reflector. Shrem’s Carousel of Über Nerdiness’ sole creator and editor. I’m a resident of “Film Fatale” at the Sugar Club, “Glider” at Workman’s Club and I regularly play at “Goulash Disko”. By day I work at Facebook.

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Les you’re a great illustrator, could you share with us your particular style of work and what inspired your unique style.

Les: I’ve always been into detail in drawing. I studied Fine Art Print-making many years ago but instead of making prints I started making drawings that look like prints and I guess I’ve stuck to that idea. Drawing keeps me some way sane. I will work for weeks on one drawing figuring out various layouts and patterns till I’m happy with the result. I’m a little obsessive by nature and can completely zone out when I’m working. Some of this year’s work can be seen here. 

Przem, you are the music guru extraordinaire, could you tell us a little about your music site? We’re always hungry for new music findings, who is currently tickling your fancy on the music scene?

Przem: Music has been my biggest passion, or should I say obsession, pretty much all my life. At the age of 8 I started writing up my own Top 20 chart a couple of times a week, a habit which I am still religiously adhering to today. I was destined to become a blogger, I suppose, as I was always keen on sharing my music discoveries with everyone around me. I started my Shrem’s Carousel of Über Nerdiness almost 5 years ago. It’s an enormously eclectic, moderately kitschy mish-mash of all sounds that I find inspiring, groundbreaking, intriguing or plain and simply good. It’s also a hugely subjective selection of current and old tunes, mainstream and underground, anything that tickles my fancy. I don’t post about music I don’t appreciate. If you enjoy music lists or want somebody else to research interesting tracks for you, it’s your place to stop by. I fall in love with new musicians pretty much on a daily basis but Steed Lord, Juce, Jungle (they were ace at Electric Picnic!), Exotica, Kasper Bjørke and Easter were among my favourites this year. That “Monument” track by Robyn and Röyksopp is pretty sensational too. Oh yeah and Róisín Murphy. Always! That woman can do no wrong. My biggest idol of all time.

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Down to yourselves, I recently came across one of your #tbt photos of the two of you 11 years ago. Wowzah 11 years is a long time how do you keep up the passion in such a long-term relationship?

Les: Respect, compromise, friendship, sense of humour and a nice couch!

Przem: A variety of common interests keep things vibrant. Between music, film, art and fashion there’s plenty to share, dispute and have fun with.

How did you guys meet?

Les: Both of us started working jobs at the George’s Market Arcade on the same week, many years ago. I had spotted Przem hard at work early in the week and then we met at the POD on the dance floor the following Saturday.

Przem: Love at first dance

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You both are style icons in my eyes, but you both have your own unique style. Could you paint a picture of what your wardrobes are like?

Przem: Serving tacky 80’s jumpers, sequinned numbers, floral blouses, a ridiculous amount of various harem trousers, neon, kitsch, trash, necklaces galore, shell suits, animal prints, feather collar, Jeremy Scott runners, vintage adidas, 90’s, jumpsuits, glitter realness.

Les: I think I’ve probably toned down my wardrobe quite a bit as I’ve gotten older, I tend to wear a lot of black stuff, I love layering and I’m partial to a flannel shirt too! There’s probably a bit of an 80’s or punk undertone still, but it’s not as flamboyant as it used to be, nor as himself. I have a penchant for hats too, feel a bit naked without one. Denim features quite a bit also, I have to stop myself walking out looking like Bruce Springsteen sometimes!

Do you ever share clothes?

Les: Not an awful lot really. If I get a notion to wear day-glo though I know where to turn.

Przem: I tend to get a tiny bit jealous at how well some of my pieces look on Les, kinda the way I would hope them to look on me.

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You guys just hosted your 5th edition of the “Up the yard” a creative collective exhibition that first started in your back yard and has gotten so big you’ve had to find a new home for it. Any more collaborative projects in the making?

Przem: “Up The Yard” was so much fun this year, our biggest show to date. 70 artists participated in the show this year which took place at the Stoneybatter Guild. The event is growing impressively year by year. We have a few new ideas but nothing set in stone as yet. We’re lucky to be surrounded by a lot of creative souls so fresh ideas flow pretty naturally.

How do you guys spend a typical Sunday afternoon?

Les: a) 4-5 films and a large tub of Häagen-Dazs b) Sunday pints with friends at Hogans/Anseo/Panti/No-Name Bar/Black Sheep.

What’s your most prized possession?

Les: A pair of original 1980’s velvet Versace trousers found in a bargain bin of a kilo shop in Poland

Przem: A drawing by Magnhild Opdøl, my Björk, Róisín Murphy and Madonna music collections and a cardboard box filled with all my personal Top 20 Chart lists I have been meticulously compiling since 1986.

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Many many thanks to guys for letting H&G into their home, keep your eyes peeled for this power couple, with regular exhibitions. And playing tunes to the masses around Dublin city. They add a touch of culture and colour wherever they go!
Wonderful words & images: SBK FOX