Doctor Who?

August 21, 2014 – Culture
Doctor Who has the brand new series is starting on August 23rd, this is going to be shown in cinemas around the world so it’s going to be a pretty big event. Fake Geek Girl reports. 

Good news everyone, Doctor Who is back with a brand new regeneration, which means a brand new face and a brand new start. In other words, there is no better time to get into the show; you can just jump in with the new episode ‘Deep Breath’ on Saturday. It’s going to be broadcasted simultaneously around the world in cinemas as well as on your regular T.V. However, I’d recommend getting your butts to the cinema to watch it as it’s sure to be an amazing event.

If you fancy taking a look back at some of the earlier episodes first to get a feel for the show, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be talking about the best (well, my favourites anyway) episodes to introduce yourself to Doctor Who.

I’ll only be focusing on the newer series; the older series are classics and excellent and you should watch them, but we have quite enough to choose from with just the newer ones.

A few things before we start:

Firstly, ignore the special effects quality because it tends to be pure shite, pretend you’re watching a play or something.

Secondly, I have a clear Tennant bias and I won’t apologise for it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what I think are the ten best episodes. Luckily they are all ones that happen to be available on Netflix, barring the very last one. Handy that.

1. The Empty Child – Series 1 – Christopher Eccleston

So this is one of Eccleston’s episodes. He was only doctor for one series making him the shortest lived incarnations of the new doctors. This episode is set in London during the blitz and features creepy gas-masked children following people around and killing them. It’s pretty eerie and a good taster for just how dark Doctor Who can be. It also featured Billie Piper as Rose, who disappointingly does not break into her hit single at any point of the episode.

2. The Doctor Dances – Series 1- Christopher Eccleston

This is the second part to The Empty Child. Unsurprisingly, the doctor does in fact dance in this one. Worth a watch just to see the other sides of The Doctor.

3. Silence in the Library – Series 4 – David Tennant

The doctor goes to visit the biggest library in the universe to find it deserted. Turns out carnivorous creatures living in the shadows are responsible. This episode is important because it introduces the character of River Song who is pretty important as most Whovians know. This is a two parter so I recommend watching Forest of the Dead afterwards to finish it off.

4. Waters of Mars – Specials – David Tennant

This one features the very first settlers on Mars in the future. I’ll be honest, it’s an OK episode, but it’s at the end that it outdoes itself.

5. Blink – Series 3 – David Tennant

This one is the ultimate example of how the writers hate children. It scared me, and I’m a supposed grown-up of sorts. Weirdly, there’s also very little ‘Doctor’ in this episode.

6. Midnight – Series 4 – David Tennant

The doctor goes on a shuttle to visit a waterfall made of sapphires (which sounds delightful) on the uninhabitabed planet, Midnight. When the shuttle stops unexpectedly they begin to hear knocks outside, and after one of the other passengers begins to act strangely (understatement of the universe) they all begin to turn on the doctor. A great episode that relies completely on the dialogue and acting.

7. The Girl in the Fireplace – Series 2 – David Tennant

This is another episode with Billie Piper as Rose. It’s great fun to watch her get jealous of the doctor’s infatuation with Madame du Pompadour after they find windows on a spaceship to her life. It has just such a lovely and sad ending, but it also features a horse on a spaceship which makes up for any misplaced sentimentality.

8. The Eleventh Hour – Series 5 – Matt Smith.

This episode has one of the best introductions to a doctor ever. It also sets up a story arc that is present the entire way through Matt Smith’s entire run as The Doctor: the crack in the universe. It also introduces the stomach churning combination of fish-fingers and custard.

9. The Doctor’s Wife – Series 6 – Matt Smith

The TARDIS comes to life by being put into a woman’s body. Its an episode with great dialogue and it’s scary in all the right places. Plus the doctor’s companions go a bit mad at one point and try to kill each other.

10. The Time of the Doctor – Specials – Matt Smith

The very last episode with Matt Smith. It’s funny and poignant and a must see before the new series starts.

tardis 2


The new series starts on the 23rd of August. It’s being broadcasted live in cinemas with a Q&A afterwards. I was at the live cinema broadcast of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and if it’s anything like that it’s going to be fantastic.

Let’s hope our Fake Geek Girl doesn’t get lost in the time machine!