D.I.Y: Spray painted glass bottles

July 21, 2014 – Culture
Our home D.I.Y extraordinaire Ché Fegan has been enjoying a few beers then converting the bottles in to something functional. He’s all about giving something a second life!

For this piece I up-cycled glass bottles. The idea came to me at during the horrid clean up of last weekend’s session. The thought of having to make the trek to the bottle bank (again) helped me on my decision to make them into vases and candle holders.


The first step is to clean the bottles and remove any labels.  To do that I soaked them in hot water for 20 minutes and then scrubbed off any residue glue. Leave the bottles upside down to dry inside and out, after 10-15 minutes you are ready to start.



Place paper down to make sure you don’t get any paint over your floor. I made a few different patterns and colours; the red & white were my first whack at it. I started off with the white, spraying all over and left it to dry before introducing the red.


You can get spray cans in homeware stores or in many arts and crafts store. I chose a lot of dark colours but if bright colours are more to your liking the tip is to spray two white coats first and it will make the secondary colours really stand out. You must hold the spray can a good 10 inches away and at a right angle, here you will get a more saturated coat.



Again, wait until it’s dry. I placed got some pillar candles and a few of last year’s dried flowers for mine.  Use fresh flowers if you like, it’s entirely up to you!


And you’re done; new vase and candle holders to help brighten up the centre of your table.

Words & Photography: Ché Fegan